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4th, 2014


7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Camp
Site Organized And Clean


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Car CampingIf you are a
car camper, you will certainly bring a lot of stuff for a weekend or week of
camping. Organization and cleanliness are essential for happy camping and
keeping the animals at bay. Here are some

  1. Personal belongings can be brought in a
    suitcase, backpack or duffel bag and left in the tent or back of your car or
    truck. When you remove something, always be sure to put it back where you
    found it after using it.
  2. Trash accumulates quickly over
    time. Be sure to bring plenty of large heavy duty trash bags. Bringing a
    collapsible garbage can helps provide a secure location for your trash if the
    wind picks up or little critters come searching. Having a separate recycling
    bin is also advised, as often drinks in glass or aluminum are enjoyed in
    large quantities.
  3. Each morning after waking, straighten
    your sleeping bags and other personal sleeping items so everything is where
    you want it when you go to sleep. Remember by then it will be dark and it
    will be nice to just crawl into bed.
  4. The kitchen tends to
    be the hangout on a campout. Keeping it clean and organized with a portable
    camp kitchen is essential. With a quality camp kitchen you can store all your
    kitchen gear and dried goods in one place. There is a place not only to cook
    but to clean. Clean up soon after enjoying each meal, putting everything back
    in its storage space.
  5. When fires are not banned, campers
    tend to collect wood for the camp fire. Be sure to set aside a space not too
    far from the fire where the various sized pieces of wood can be kept. Under a
    tree is good so people aren’t tripping over the wood in the dark. And the
    tree will protect the firewood from the rain.
  6. Camping is
    a time to relax and enjoy the natural environment. When either sitting and
    reading or hiking and fishing, be sure to put all your wrappers from
    sandwiches or snacks either in your pocket or backpack and dispose of them in
    the trash bin when you return. Never drop trash on the ground for someone
    else to find.
  7. Before you leave your campsite pack out or
    dispose of trash and recycling in proper bins. Be sure to look closely at
    your campsite for any forgotten belongings or stray

Having a clean and organized sight while
camping also makes packing up to leave a breeze.

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