GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted April 3, 2012

Plan-It Green

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Parks designated as a Plan-It Green Friendly Park, must meet at least nine of the following 18 eco-friendly criteria:

  • Park uses motion sensors for lighting in the bathrooms and club house
  • Park has switched to energy efficient light bulbs
  • Park uses non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products
  • Park uses water-saving shower heads and/or auto turn-off taps
  • Park provides recycle bins for cans, paper, glass and plastic
  • Park uses energy-saving products and appliances
  • Park offers eco-friendly and 'Leave No Trace' tips and education for guests
  • Park landscaping consists of wood chip, pebble, paved, or grass paths
  • Park has "Reduce Water Usage" signage around the park
  • Park has one or more of the following: lighting, heaters and/or coolers with timers
  • Park uses solar power or wind power
  • Park uses low flush toilets or waterless urinals
  • Park use of grey water (if allowed in state)
  • Park participates in on-site organic composting
  • Park sends email confirmations rather than paper to minimize waste
  • Park uses geo-thermal heating/cooling
  • Park plants new trees frequently

* If a park doesn't fully meet the above criteria, it can still participate in arvc's Plan-It Green program by taking the Plan-It Green Pledge to do its best to enhance green practices and awareness in its park.Park has converted to tankless water heaters.