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    2nd, 2016


    7 Tasty Ways to Celebrate National
    S’mores Day


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    Sitting around
    the campfire making s’mores is a time-honored tradition that’s as American as
    apple pie.  In fact, it dates back as far as 1927 when the Girl
    Scouts published the first known recipe for “some mores.” This treat has
    become so popular that August 10 has been designated as National S’mores Day.
    And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with going with the classic —
    toasted marshmallows and chocolate bars sandwiched between graham crackers —
    we’re going beyond the basics to bring you seven more ways to enjoy this
    campfire favorite:smore

    1. Serve Them in a Cone
    For each serving, take an ice cream cone and fill
    it with alternating layers of chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Wrap
    each cone tightly in aluminum foil, then heat them on a grill or over the
    campfire for a few minutes until the chocolate and marshmallows are

    2. Make Them Minty | Anyone
    who loves the combined flavors of chocolate and mint will love this version.
    Simply replace the regular graham crackers with chocolate ones, and in place
    of the usual chocolate bars, use chocolate after-dinner mints.

    3. Roll Them Up | Melt some
    chocolate chips in a pan over low heat and crush up several graham crackers.
    Then, for each serving, insert a regular-sized marshmallow onto the end of a
    stick, dip it into the melted chocolate and roll it in the graham cracker

    Kid with smore4. Go
    Bananas | 
    Add sliced bananas to your s’mores, and
    instead of regular chocolate bars, use peanut butter cups.

    5. Take a Dip | Spread a bag
    of chocolate chips in a skillet and add a layer of full-sized marshmallows.
    Cover the skillet loosely with foil and heat the mixture over a grill or
    campfire, checking frequently, until the marshmallows are golden brown. Use
    graham crackers as dippers.

    6. Get Ready for a Snack Attack
    This idea is great for those times when you arrive
    at your campsite during the day and the kids just can’t wait until your
    nighttime campfire to enjoy their s’mores. Before you leave home, simply make
    a s’mores snack mix by blending two cups of mini marshmallows, two cups of
    teddy bear-shaped graham crackers and a cup of chocolate chips. Divide the
    mixture into portions in zip lock bags and you’ll be ready to dole out treats
    whenever the kids are ready for them.

    7. Enjoy Them at Home Sweet Home
    Once you’re enjoyed your s’mores around the
    campfire, you just might start craving them at home. When you do, here’s a
    simple version you can make without a campfire. Melt 8 ounces of semisweet
    chocolate chips in a pan over low heat, then add a 14-ounce can of sweetened
    condensed milk and one teaspoon vanilla, stirring until smooth. To assemble
    the s’mores, spread some of the chocolate mixture onto two graham cracker
    halves and sandwich a layer of mini marshmallows in between them. To store,
    wrap the s’mores individually in plastic wrap.