GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted October 15th, 2020

Camping 101: 5 Ways to Get Ready for Winter Camping in Your RV

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Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean that the camping season has to come to an end. There are plenty of great places to camp during the winter. All it takes is a little advance planning so you can be well prepared to handle the colder temps. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

  1. Have your RV serviced for winter or do the work yourself. This includes tasks like checking the window seals and weather stripping, wrapping your pipes and hoses with heat tape, adding antifreeze specially made for RVs to your plumbing system and ensuring that your furnace and appliances are ready for winter. Also, be sure to check your RV owner’s manual for tips and procedures on winterizing your specific model of RV.
  2. Add extra insulation where necessary. Consider adding insulated curtains, window film or foil-backed insulation to your windows, sealing off your ceiling vents with vent cushions or foam padding and placing heavy carpets on the floors. You can also add special RV skirting or foam boards around the bottom of your RV to keep the wind from freezing the components located beneath your RV and to help keep the cold from coming up through the floor.
  3. Pack extra gear. Anticipate any situations you may encounter in the cold weather and pack essentials such as a shovel, ice scraper, tire chains, extra blankets and warm clothing, sleeping bags, goggles, gloves, boots, extra food, water and propane and solar chargers for your devices and batteries. A blow dryer can also come in handy for defrosting pipes and other components and headlamps and lanterns can be very useful, too, since it gets dark earlier in the winter.
  4. Keep close tabs on the weather. Winter weather can bring rapid changes, so be sure to keep a weather app on your phone or bring along a weather band radio so you can closely monitor the conditions at your destination.
  5. Know before you go. Not all campgrounds are open year-round, so before you leave home, check to see that the campgrounds you want to stay at will be open on your travel dates.  The easiest place to start your planning process is to go to GoCampingAmerica.com and enter your destination(s) to see all of the options you have. Then you can link directly to the website for each campground to learn about their winter camping availability and amenities.

Now, for the fun part. Don’t forget to pack your favorite winter toys like sleds, skis and snowboards. And, of course, bring along plenty of hot cocoa mix, too. Enjoy your winter camping!