GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted September 1st, 2020

Camping 101: 7 Ways to Recreate Responsibly When Camping

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After spending months cooped up inside due to our current public health crisis, more and more of us are heading outdoors to enjoy some peace, tranquility and fresh air.

So, this is a good time for a few reminders about how to keep ourselves and our families safe and how to do our part to protect our campgrounds, trails and other outdoor recreation facilities so they can be enjoyed by generations to come.

The Recreate Responsibly Coalition is a coalition of more than 700 nonprofits, outdoor businesses, and land managers dedicated to protecting our natural landscapes. This diverse community was brought together by love of the outdoors and a desire to help everyone experience the benefits of nature safely during this public health crisis. To achieve this goal, the coalition has developed seven steps for recreating responsibly:

  1. Know Before You Go. Check the status of the place you wish to visit. If it’s closed, don’t go. If it’s crowded, have a backup plan.
  2. Practice Physical Distancing. Keep your group size small. Be prepared to cover your nose and mouth and give others space. If you are sick, stay home.
  3. Plan Ahead. Prepare for facilities to be closed, pack lunch and bring essentials like hand sanitizer and a face covering.
  4. Play It Safe. Slow down and choose lower-risk activities to reduce your risk of injury. Search and rescue operations and health care resources are both strained.
  5. Explore Locally. Limit long-distance travel and make use of local RV parks and campgrounds, trails and public spaces. Be mindful of your impact on the communities you visit.
  6. Leave No Trace. Respect all lands and waters, public and private, as well as Native and local communities. Take all your garbage with you or dispose of it properly in marked receptacles.
  7. Build an Inclusive Outdoors. Be an active part of making the outdoors safe and welcoming for people of all identities and abilities.

There’s actually one more simple step you can take: Share your commitment to #RecreateResponsibly by using the hashtag on your social media to help spread the word about this important initiative.

And the next time you’re looking for an RV park or campground where you can recreate responsibly, visit GoCampingAmerica.com, enter your destination, and you’ll soon be on your way to finding your next adventure.