GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted April 2nd, 2017

Get Crafty with the Kids!

Happy Camper Blog

Camping trips are a great time to put the electronics aside for a while and encourage the kids to get creative while enjoying being outdoors. Here are a few fun nature-inspired craft projects that your kids will love:

Egg Carton Lady BugsFrom CraftsbyAmanda.com Ladybug
Who doesn’t love lady bugs? When you bring along a few simple craft supplies on your next camping trip, your kids can make a whole family of these cute critters! Check out the tutorial here.


Word RocksFrom Freekidscrafts.com word rocks
This fun project will help your kids work on their language skills and have fun at the same time. The sentences they come up with are sure to result in a lot of giggles! See the complete tutorial which includes printable instructions.


Pinecone Snowy Owl
This adorable project is perfect for when your campsite has a good supply of Ponderosa pine cones. After you help your kids round up a few pine cones that they like, have them shred up some cotton balls and stuff the pieces into the crevices to create “feathers.” Then glue on some googly eyes and use scraps of felt or white and brown pipe cleaners for the wings and beak.







Sun PrintsFrom Freekidscrafts.com  
This art project will help your kids gain a greater appreciation for just how powerful the sun is (and maybe give you a chance to work in a little lesson on the importance of sun screen!). You’ll find the tutorial here. Best of all, the only thing you need to bring with you is construction paper. Your kids can find everything else they need at your campsite!


Plastic Bag Jump Rope | PBS Parents Jumprope
We love this project that we found on the PBS Parents website that was created by Katie Gill-Harvey of A Childhood List because it will give you a chance to teach your kids about recycling and give them a fun way to get exercise at the same time. Plus, it will help you put all of those plastic bags you’ve been saving to good use! See the tutorial  here.