GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted November 18th, 2020

RVing 101: This Tip is On the Level

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In a perfect world, every RV site at the campgrounds you stay at would be perfectly level, like those that are equipped with a concrete pad. But in reality, it’s not possible for some sites to be level due to factors such as the area’s hilly terrain or heavy rains that may have caused the soil to erode in places. That’s why it’s essential to plan ahead so you can be prepared to level your RV if it becomes necessary.

In case you’re wondering why leveling your RV is such a big deal, here are five important reasons to do it:

  1. To make sure your refrigerator works. The chemicals used in your RV’s refrigerator depend on gravity to flow properly, which they can’t do if your refrigerator is set at an angle. Operating a refrigerator when it’s not level could cause it to malfunction, leading to spoiled food and potential damage to the unit.
  2. To make sure your plumbing system operates efficiently. It’s easier for water to flow through your plumbing system correctly if your RV is level. Plus, leveling your RV will help ensure that the water level sensors in your tanks will be more accurate.
  3. To protect your RV. Keeping your RV parked at an angle can weaken the structure of your rig, including your doors and windows. Plus, if you have slide-outs, they may not work properly and their operating mechanisms could even become damaged.
  4. To help ensure a good night’s sleep. Face it, it’s hard to get some quality shut eye if you’re always worried about rolling out of bed or into the wall! Depending on how your RV is parked, you could even end up trying to sleep with your head lower than your feet.
  5. To make your whole camping experience more enjoyable. When your RV is level, your doors and windows will operate properly, you won’t feel like you might lose your balance when you’re walking around inside, and you can cook and eat to your heart’s content without worrying about things rolling off of your counters or table.

For helpful tips on how to level your RV, contact your RV dealer or rental company. You can also find instructional videos on YouTube and, of course, your fellow campers are often more than happy to offer advice. There are also many useful devices on the market, such as leveling blocks and leveling devices specifically designed for use with RVs.

So now all you need to do is find the next place to take your RV so you can practice your new leveling skills (if necessary). Just go to GoCampingAmerica.com, enter the destination you’re interested in, and you’ll soon be on your way!