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7th, 2021


101: How to Make Sure You Stay Fueled Up for Your Camping Trips This


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Now that 2021
is here, it’s time to start planning all the camping trips you want to take
in the new year. And naturally, an important part of each journey is making
sure you have enough fuel to get where you want to go. Here are three helpful

#1 Plan Ahead

Since fueling up your RV takes a bit more effort than, let’s say,
putting gas in your family sedan, it’s a good idea to do a little advance
planning so you can make sure you can always find a gas station that can
accommodate your rig. Before you leave home, take the average number of miles
your RV can go on a tank of gas and use that as a rough guideline to plot
some potential stops for gas along your route. (If you’re renting an RV or
driving one for the first time, err on the conservative side on your estimate
of your RV’s range on a tank of gas.) Also, make sure you know the exact
height of your RV so there won’t be any questions about whether or not your
rig will fit under the gas station’s canopy.

#2 Tap into Helpful

The Next EXIT® (theNEXTExit.com) is a
resource that bills itself as the most complete and accurate composition of
U.S. Interstate Highway exit services (including gas stations) available. You
can subscribe to an app for iOS and Android devices or opt to get the
information in a paperback book that is updated annually.

The iExit Interstate Exit Guide
(iExitapp.com) is an app available for iOS and Android devices
that lets you know what services are available at upcoming exits when you’re
on the highway.

GasBuddy.com offers both an app and
website that makes it easy to find the lowest gas prices in the areas you’re
traveling to. The company also offers shopping and dining

Want to get a better idea of a particular gas station’s
maneuverability before you get there? Add the Google
app to your phone and enter the gas station’s address
into the Google Street View feature to take a
closer look and see if it meets your needs.

#3 Balance Price vs.

While your natural tendency may be to always try to find the
lowest price per gallon for fuel, also consider the convenience factor. If
you have a choice of two stations and one has a slightly lower price but has
a tighter turning radius to get to the pump, any potential savings could
quickly be eaten up if you end up scraping the side of your RV as you’re
pulling up.

While planning out your fuel stops is certainly important,
planning where you’re going to camp is the really fun part! Just go to
GoCampingAmerica.com, enter the destination(s) you’re interested in and plan