GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted March
2nd, 2015


Activities for the Kids to Do on Your Next Camping Trip


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Summertime is
a great time for family travel, and a camping trip gives kids the perfect
opportunity to get out of their regular routine and try new things. Here are
some activities you can use to make your next camping adventure even more


Glow Stick Ring Toss

Head to the dollar store and grab a bunch of glow sticks. When you
go camping, form them into rings (you may even want to tape a few together
for added weight). For the tossing post, either simply find a stick and put
it into the ground, or to create a “glowing” post, use a clear water bottle
with a glow stick inserted inside.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

When you arrive at your campground, take a look around and see all
of the different natural elements there are, then make a simple checklist of
them (pine cones, butterflies, evergreen tree, acorns, etc.). Divide the kids
into teams and give each team a list of items to find. Have them circle each
item as they find it, and the first team to find everything wins! Having the
kids circle the items instead of having them collect leaves, rocks, etc. can
help teach them about the importance of leaving nature


Glowing Bubbles

Kids always have fun blowing bubbles, but here’s a unique twist.
Go to your local craft store and pick up a bottle of washable glo paint.
Then, when you’re on your camping trip, make a mixture of half bubble
solution and half glo paint (or you may want to experiment with the ratio to
produce the best results). The kids will love blowing bubbles that glow in
the dark!


Make a Fort

This one is so easy, but it can lead to hours of creative play
time. Simply string a rope between two trees and throw a tarp or blanket over
it to create a secret fort.


Creative Cloud Gazing

When you have a day when there are lots of puffy white clouds in
the sky, ask the kids to lie down on the ground and use their imaginations to
see what shapes they see in the sky.


Play “Catch the Snake’s

This one is sure to inspire plenty of giggles and shouts. Have the
kids line up and put their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of
them, forming a line. The goal is for the “head” of the snake to catch the
“tail,” but everyone has to hold on tight! Once the “tail” gets caught, the
child who was the “head” moves back to the end of the line and play starts


Go Stargazing

If one of the adults has a smart phone with a stargazing app, have
them point it to the night sky and teach the kids about the constellations
they can see. The clear, dark night skies of a campground can provide the
perfect opportunity to see the stars and planets with greater visibility than
you may have at home.


Make Solar S’Mores

Who says that s’mores can only be made at night around the
campfire? The nice folks at NASA have posted instructions for making solar
s’mores at climatekids.nasa.gov/smores. In addition to the usual ingredients
for s’mores, you’ll only need a few simple materials like a pizza box,
aluminum foil and plastic wrap. It’s a tasty way to give the kids a science


Create a Fun Walking Stick

When you pack for your camping trip, bring along some scraps of
felt, ribbon, colored tape, twine, pony beads and feathers. Then, when you
get to your campground, have the kids look for an appropriately-sized stick
and have them personalize it with the craft supplies. They’ll be proud to
take it along each time you go on a family hike!