Indiana, the RV manufacturing capital of America, gives campers many reasons to visit this great state. Take a tour of one of the most famous raceways in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or get up close and personal with your favorite NCAA star at the NCAA Hall of Champions. If sports aren?t to your liking, be sure to visit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore that features miles of beaches, dunes and trails.

    A Town Named Santa Claus-Santa Claus
    The holiday-themed burg of Santa Claus offers a number of year-round landmarks and attractions.

    World’s Largest Ball of Paint-Alexandria
    It’s a pitch black rural Indiana night as we pull into the gravel driveway of Michael Carmichael’s house. He is waiting for us in the yard. Also waiting for us are his wife Glenda, a dozen cats, and a cloud of hungry mosquitoes.”My name’s Michael Carmichael,” he says, extending a hand, “and I believe I have the world’s largest ball of paint.” Mike is just being humble. His ball is the biggest and he knows it.

    Giant Lady’s Leg Sundial-Lake Village
    The Sun Aura Nudist Resort opened in 1933. Back then it was called Club Zoro and its founder was Alois Knapp, a Chicago lawyer, German Nacktkulturist, editor of Sunshine and Health magazine, and “the father of nudism in America.”

    Ultraviolet Apocalypse-Munster
    The Carmelite religious shrines are popular with the local Polish-American community. They were founded by Carmelite friars who served in the Free Polish Army during WWII, emigrated to the U.S. in 1950, and would have emigrated sooner if they hadn’t been deported to Siberia in the interim.

    Gus Grissom Tributes-Mitchell
    Anyone who’s read Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff or seen the 1983 movie knows the story of Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, America’s hard luck astronaut hero.  He was the man who commanded the forgettable first Gemini mission, and who was going to command the first Apollo mission — until a horrible fire broke out in the capsule during prelaunch tests in 1967, killing him and his crew.

    Dan Quayle Center and US Vice Presidential Museum-Huntington
    James Danforth Quayle served as George H. W. Bush’s VP from 1989-93. The museum’s slogan is “Second to One.”

    RV Hall of Fame-Elkhart
    Hall of fame and museum devoted to trailers, RVs and mobile homes in a town where they are manufactured.

    Joe Palooka Statue-Oolitic
    Palooka was a Sunday comic strip character — an honest boxer. This statue was commissioned in 1947, when the champ’s popularity was at its highest.