Cooks RV Motor Park

    4075 N State Highway H, Springfield, MO 65803, USA

    The Place

      Cooks RV Motor Park “The Little Park with a Big Heart” located just north of Springfield, Missouri. Our guests enjoy a cozy, quiet retreat in the heart of the scenic Ozarks.  We are pet friendly. Typical RV sites 50+ Ft long, 20/30/50 amp, Full hookups, with a mix of shaded & open, back-ins & pull-thrus. FREE Wi-Fi. Clean Park Bathrooms/Showers, Laundry, and Dog Wash. No Tent Sites. No Permanent Residents.

      Additional Services: LP Gas, Charcoal & Gas Grills, Campfire area, Resident Management.

      Park Rules & Directions

      Welcome to Cooks RV Motor Park “The Little Park with Big Heart”. We are very Glad that you have come to stay with us!

      Cooks RV Motor Park Policy is intended to ensure that every registered guest, traveler, vacationers, and seasonal-stay guests enjoy the park to the fullest. Our Park Policies are probably nothing new or unusual, but we must 'state' them, so here it goes. Please review them carefully.

      RATES* Rates are based on 2 persons occupancy.

      RV Sites – Sites include Electric(20/30/50 amp)/Water/Sewer/High-Speed WiFi*

      *Rates are subject to change due to seasonal demand.

      PAYMENTS. Site rental fees are due in full on the first day of your stay at check-in, or upon reservation.

      IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (you are in Greene County Missouri)

      • Call 911 If you need emergency help in your camper – set off your vehicle alarm (Panic Button)
      • Storm Shelter is the Office basement also the Laundry Room & Dog Wash areas
      • would be safer than an RV

      COVID-19 Park Policy:

      Keep up the good Hand Washing habits and Distancing in large gatherings. If using a public facility, you are at risk of exposure to the Coronovirus (COVID-19) and other communicable diseases.


      Pets are welcome in accordance with the following policies:

      Pet waste must immediately be picked up and wrapped and put in the trash. Pets may enjoy the large exercise areas around the park perimeter. Please DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOGS TO URINATE OR RELIEVE THEMSELVES IN ANY OF THE RV SITES - Please do not jeopardize your camping privileges by ignoring this rule!

      Pets MUST be on a physical leash at all times, if not inside your RV. This is both a Park Policy AND an insurance requirement!

      Control your leashed pets' behavior while in common areas especially during events, and when food is being prepared or served.

      No pet may be left outside caged, chained or tethered without the owner being present.

      Pets showing signs of illness or demonstrate tendency for aggression, regardless of breed, will be required to be removed permanently.

      Please be respectful of your neighbors if your dog is a persistent “barker”, take necessary steps to minimize annoyance barking while you're away, especially during quiet time.

      Dog houses, kennels or other permanent exterior enclosures are not permitted.

      Unless a specific exception is made by park management, no more than two (2) pets are permitted for any Seasonal-Stay guest.

      Proof of current vaccination is required for ALL seasonal-stay pets.

      ▪ Any resistance or non-compliance with these pet policies may affect a guest’s status.

      General On-Property Rules

      • Please Drive S-L-O-W-L-Y! Speed Limit 5 MPH. Drive any way you want EXCEPT Fast and stay off the Grass!
      • Remind management Quiet Hours: 10pm – 7am.
      • Check Out: Noon-ish. Check with management if you need a later check out.
      • Chock RVs to prevent damage to Park Property by runaway RVs. Imagine, in the shower, and your RV is moving – it happened!
      • Drive and Park Vehicles on graveled areas, especially when it's wet, it's hard work to get the grass to grow!
      • Disorderly Conduct and Vulgar Language is Prohibited. Duh!
      • Place All Trash in the dumpster. Bags of trash sitting outside your RV may entice strays in for a midnight snack!
      • Campfires in designated areas only. No fireworks. RVs are made of fiberglass and have propane tanks—they go boom!
      • Keep your Site Clean & Tidy, in “ready to move out tomorrow” condition. Site is for RV and 1 Vehicle. Ask about overflow parking space. We understand this is sometimes difficult, as we tend to collect...Please utilize storage areas designed inside your RV for personal items (other than seasonal recreational items). Outside storage bins or structures of any kind (storage sheds, decks, porches, etc) are prohibited. Storage units and spaces can be rented should you need additional storage space outside of your RV, for belongings, trailers, extra vehicles, etc.
      • This is an RV Park, NOT an RV Wash. Just thought we'ld point out the obvious.
      • Help us maintain the aesthetic appearance of the park and report damage to park equipment or facilities to the office promptly so that it may be remedied promptly. Intentional damage to park property will result in immediate cancellation of camping privileges, without refund, and may also result in prosecution.
      • Visitors and Non-Registered Guests. Registered guests are expected to inform their invited visitors of all park policies and rules of conduct. Registered guests are also responsible for visitor’s compliance with rules and conduct while on park property. Visitors and Non-Registered Guests who refuse to comply with park rules and policies will be asked to leave the premises. Behavior by any visitor or unregistered guest which places the peaceful stay of another guest in jeopardy will result in the cancellation of the hosting guest(s) camping privileges without refund.
      • No Smoking in park buildings and be considerate of other Guests if smoking in common areas. Please discard cigarettes in trash receptacles. At night the bunnies & squirrels smoke butts they find on the ground, and we are trying to discourage under-aged smoking!
      • Alcohol may be consumed on the premises and encouraged to be shared with the Management to keep them happy. Over intoxicated guests are not allowed in common areas, and may be required to vacate the Park, without refund.
      • SOS-Save Our Sod. Please keep Ground Coverings to a minimum, a step is Ok. No Large ground coverings please. Only park Rvs & Vehicles on the gravel. We want to keep this an RV Park instead of an RV Parking Lot. Grass is Nature's ground covering!
      • Portable Propane tanks are permitted. No stationary tanks allowed.
      • RVers may be asked to move their RV into a different site.
      • Management Reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any RV based on its appearance and/or condition.
      • Management and park employees are happy to assist guests. At NO TIME does management or park employees assume responsibility or become custodian of any guests' RV, Camper, or personal belongings brought onto the RV Park.
      • At all times, guests are responsible for their own RV, Campers and personal belongings brought onto the RV Park.
      • At NO TIME is management or park employees responsible for the condition of RV, Campers or personal belongings due to a malfunction of park-supplied utility systems including: water, sewer, electrical or WiFi whether internal or external.
      • Management Reserves the right to change/revise Park Rules at any time, as deems necessary.

      IMPORTANT NOTE for November – April Guests:

      When temperatures are at or below freezing (32° F) you may ask yourself why you are here, but YOUR RV WILL BE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A SERVICEABLE COLD-WEATHER (HEATED) WATER HOSE AND RELATED COLD-WEATHER FITTINGS, if you are hooked up to the Park fresh water and sewer systems. Guests may be liable for extra charges if ruptured or broken water lines/hoses result in a free flow of water.


      Liability Statement Access to park property is granted only upon completion of the registration process. The guest, by registering, acknowledges and agrees on behalf of his/her entire party to abide by all park rules and policies. By registering, the guest on behalf of his/her entire party acknowledges the risks inherent to RV camping and agrees to hold Cooks RV Motor Park or Rental Centers of America, Inc, it’s employees, managers, officers, heirs and assigns, harmless from any/all liability or loss which may arise while on park property.

      Thank You

      Cooks RV Motor Park

      Park managed by Rental Centers of America, Inc    

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      BBQ GrillsFenced Pet AreaFirewoodHot Tub/SaunaLaundry FacilitiesPicnic AreaRestroom/Shower Facilities
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