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    702 Champion Avenue, Port Isabel, TX 78578, USA

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      Located in the Southern tropical tip of Texas in the Historic town of Port Isabel, just before you cross the causeway to South Padre Island.

      Port Isabel Park Center is a fully gated community! We pride ourselves in our friendly staff and great service. We are working towards becoming the best RV park for boating and fishing in south Texas. Come and enjoy our lighted fishing piers, floating boat docks, quiet atmosphere and friendly attitude. We want to be your home away from home.

      Park Rules & Directions

      Port Isabel Park Center Rules

      In an effort to improve our park and better our surroundings, there are a few basic rules we would ask you to abide by while staying at the Port Isabel Park Center LLC. 


      1. Registering guests must be 25 years of age with valid credit card or valid picture ID.

      2. Each lot is rented to only one (1) RV or one (1) tent at a time. No site may be subleased or rented to a third party at any time.

      3. Sites are rented to 4 persons and each person must be registered in the office.

      4. Each lot is limited to 2 pets max. Pets must be kept on a short leash when outside your residence and should never be left alone to disturb neighbors. When walking pets, keeping them off yards, plants, and away from parked vehicles that you pass. Pet excrement must be picked up INSIDE & OUTSIDE of the park by requirement of city ordinance. BARKING DOGS MUST BE CONTROLLED AS IT IS CONSIDERED A NUISANCE TO OTHER TENANTS. See the insert in your welcome packet for more information regarding Port Isabel city ordinance 483-D regarding pets. Failure to comply with city ordinance can result in eviction. 



      1. PIPC staff will provide a large PVC pipe and hook your unit into our waste system. You are responsible for hooking up your water and electricity. Electricity is metered for residents that stay 7 days or more. Monthly electricity is read and billed within the last 5 days of the month, regardless of when you checked in.

      2. Electrical boxes, water hook-up units, cable boxes, and waste dump stations are owned by PIPC. Staff may turn utilities on or off at will in order to do repairs and maintenance. Residents will be informed of prolonged outings as time permits.

      3. Please use water wisely. Washing vehicles and rigs should be limited and runoff kept at a minimum. Washings will be prohibited during local water restrictions.

      4. Spectrum Cable and Internet is available through PIPC. Contact office for connecting information. Channel guide is in your welcome packet.

      5. Mobile propane services enter the park at various times. Place your tank in the front of your RV and they will fill it and knock on your door for payment. Motor homes can request a service card in the office to place in your front window. If you will not be home, leave money in the office. You can also take your tank to White’s Lumber on Garcia Street to have filled.

      6. Deposit all garbage inside plastic bags and put in the blue dumpsters on the East end of the property, not in pet waste containers or common use areas. Breakdown all cardboard boxes. Fish cutting should be thrown in the water. For large items please contact the office for proper disposal, do not just leave next to dumpsters. 



      1. Do not drive through the back of lots where water, sewer, electric and phone lines are buried. Do not walk through rented sites to get to amenities.

      2. Please park on your own lot at all times. There is no common area for overflow parking. There should be no part of your vehicle in the street right-of-way or hanging over the red lines around the Rec Hall building.

      3. 10:00 PM is quiet time. Profanity, drunkenness, loud music or boisterous conduct will not be tolerated at any time. Excessive noise at anytime is unacceptable as well as any activity which might be an undo disturbance to other tenants.

      4. Placement of structures on your lot is limited. Contact the office before erecting any canopies or fences on your temporary lot. Permanent residents please refer to your lease for structure guidelines. 

      5. Please consider the safety of your clothes lines and hammocks. If left up make sure they are not a hazard to your neighbors or PIPC staff. 6. Lots must be kept clean and orderly so that staff can mow. Outdoor carpets must be grass friendly, no patio’s or walkways that can kill the grass. Do not leave items lying around that would be unsafe to you, your neighbor or PIP staff. Permanent residents refer to your lease for this matter.

      7. PIPC cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. We recommend you lock your unit, vehicle, boat and any loose valuables to deter theft. 



      1. Smoking or Vaping will not be allowed in any PIPC building or within 25 feet of any PIPC building entrances, nor inside or within 25 feet of the pool fence area. City Ordinance #699

      2. MAIL AT 702 CHAMPION AVE In order to receive mail at this location Homeland Security requires all persons receiving mail at this location have on file one (1) of the following documents for EACH person that will receive mail in their name or the mail will be returned to sender:

      a. Valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card 

      b. Current armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card.

      Outgoing USPS box is located outside the mail room door on the north side of the building.  Incoming USPS mail is distributed in alphabetical order in boxes in the Rec Hall (unless you choose to rent a private mailbox), and incoming USPS, FedEx, & UPS packages are available in the office for pickup during office hours. OVERSIZED/FREIGHT drivers must park outside the gate and contact the office for entry. Our streets are too narrow for semi’s, DO NOT open the gate and guide them to your site. 

      3. Activity calendars can be found in the Rec Hall. All activities are for park residents only, guest must be approved by the Activity Director.

      4. WiFi is available in the Rec Hall during office hours, on the Patio, and around the Pool. Password is available in the office.

      5. Laundry is open from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Door code is available in the office. Quarters machine is inside for your convenience. 

      6. Shower rooms codes are available in the office. Cleaning is only done ONCE a day, please leave the building better than you found it.

      7. Exercise room code is available in the office. Please help to keep it clean and tidy by wiping off machines after use, return all weights to weight rack and other equipment to its proper place. If you are the last to leave turn off lights, fans and make sure A/C is set to 76 degrees.

      8. POOL – NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Wristbands must be worn in the POOL area at ALL TIMES by EVERYONE. Security checks for bands are done daily. For your safety, pool rules are strictly enforced. Temporary guest wristbands must be put on by PIPC staff. Only 6 pool bands allowed per site. For safety reasons, guests may be limited during peak season.

      9. Boat slips, floating dock spaces, and lifts are available for monthly rent for residents only. Coordinate with PIPC Harbor Master to assign site and pay in the office. Kayaks, canoes, paddle-boats, etc cannot be left or stored on docks; store and lock them up at your lot when not in use. There is a 15 minute limit for parking at the boat launch area during launch and retrieval. Guests may not arrive by boat and park at our docks.  There is no common boat parking areas.

      10. FOR YOUR SAFETY STAY OFF CHANNEL BANKS AT ALL TIMES. You can fish from the top of the bank but do not walk down the bank. Do not attempt to launch or retrieve your small craft from the bank. All watercraft must come and go from the designated launch areas.

      11. Fishing Piers are for park residents only. Keep a close eye on children. Non-swimmers should not be left alone on piers or docks.  

      12. Please clean your fish at the designated fish cleaning stations. Discard fish remains back into the water NOT at your lot OR the dumpsters. 



      1. Only 2 vehicles and 1 cart per site. Please park on your own site at all times. There is no common area for overflow parking. There should be no part of your vehicle in the street right-of-way or hanging over the red lines around the Rec Hall building.

      2. Please remember to drive within the speed limit of 10 mph at all times, this includes carts. Be aware of walkers, bicyclers and children at all times. Violation of this rule by you or your guest(s) can result in immediate eviction; it is your responsibility to inform your guests.

      3. Carts must be registered in the office. Registration sticker must be placed on the front passenger side. Carts must have a licensed driver on board while in motion. 

      4. All watercraft must be registered in the office including a copy of your state registration. PIPC will issue a registration sticker that must be place on the front of your boat dash so that it is visible from the bank. ALL CHANNELS IN THE CITY OF PORT ISABEL ARE NO WAKE ZONES!

      5. Off-site storage is available for watercraft trailers when watercraft will be out of the water for several days in a row. Call the office to schedule a pickup or retrieval. Pickup and retrievals will not be done 1 hour before or after open and closing times. Make sure your trailer has the sit # on the tongue. 


      SITE DEPOSITS: A deposit is required for all reservations. If you choose not to make a new reservation your deposit can be put toward your departing electrical bill or can be refunded. Refunds will be sent out via check within 30 days. 


      SECURITY GATES: A clicker will be needed to enter our gates. You are responsible for letting your guests in the gate, not the office or emergency #. No device is needed to leave the property. Clickers require a deposit that is refundable upon its return. Loss of clicker leads to forfeiture of deposit. Permanent residents will purchase their clicker and are responsible for replacing batteries.  


      We are here to make your stay an enjoyable one. Anything we can do to make your stay a better one, please feel free to ask. Please notify us if you feel any item in the park is in need of attention. We want PIPC to be your home away from home. 


      To reserve a lot for the next season a signed reservation form will be required and can be picked up at the office. Reservations for specific lots will be honored if possible; however, management reserves the right to make changes based on existing conditions and length of stay.



      Thank you for your cooperation. Help in keeping our facilities clean and safe is appreciated. We hope you enjoy your stay at Port Isabel Park Center - MANAGEMENT 

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