Wolf’s Den Campground

    256 Town Street, East Haddam, CT 06423, USA

    The Place

      Owned & operated by the Gustine family since 1994, Wolf’s Den Family Campground is located on 35 scenic acres in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley. Whether for the day, week, month or season, the campground is an ideal place to camp, relax and enjoy the great outdoor life with your friends and family. Every year thousands of families, many of them repeat customers, find their way to Wolf’s Den to join us for loads of fun activities, visiting many nearby attractions, and just kicking back and escaping for a while. We cater to all ages and lifestyles and welcome popup campers, full time travelers, seasonals, and weekenders alike. As we celebrate over 50 years in the camping industry, we invite you to visit and experience all the family fun and camping excitement that we have to offer.

      Park Rules & Directions

      Anyone using these facilities must do so with the understanding that the campground is provided as a ­recreational facility only, and it may not be used as a primary residence. If you are asked to leave for any reason by the ­management of the campground, you must do so immediately or you accept that you will be treated as a trespasser by the appropriate local authorities. Camping has inherent risks associated with outside activities. We are not ­responsible for injuries or damages occurring as part of the inherent risks of any camping ­environment. All campers must maintain insurance; your units are not covered by the campground’s insurance. If we are forced to ask you to leave for violation of our rules or guidelines there will be no refunds issued. Regulations can be modified at any time. The campground is under constant video surveillance. You agree to provide photo identification at any time if requested by staff or face immediate removal from the property.

      • Parents must supervise their children at all times.
      • Check-In & Check-Out: Check-in & check-out are at 3:00PM. Check-in for rentals is 4:00PM and the check-out is 12:00PM. We offer early check-in and late check-out. Please call ahead for site availability and fees.
      • Quiet Hours:Sunday - Thursday 10:00PM - 8:00AM.
      • Friday - Saturday 11:00PM - 8:00AM.
      • All children must be on their sites with a parent by quiet hours.
      • No sound from sites should be heard off site.
      • Vehicles:All vehicles must have campground ID visible at all times, whether it is a seasonal sticker or a camping pass. Only one camping unit per site is permitted without permission.
      • Two registered camper’s cars per site are allowed. There is a .00 deposit for a gate card (1 card per camper vehicle.) Gate cards are non-transferrable. Guests must park in the visitor’s lot. Park at your own risk only. There is a 5 MPH speed limit throughout the campground.
      • Guests: Please inform your guests that all visitors must stop and register at the office and park in the visitor’s parking lot. A visitor’s fee is charged for daily visitors and an additional fee is charged for overnight visitors. Daily visitors must leave at quiet hours. Maximum of one camping unit per site. Fee required for any additional unit. An adult member of the camper’s family must be on the site at all times the site is in use. Visitors are asked to please leave their pets at home. Click here for more COVID-10 visitor information. Click here for our online visitors waiver.
      • Campground Pet Rules:Pets must be on a short leash at all times and are to remain on a strong durable chain or rope that will not allow the pet to extend off the site in any direction.
      • Pets should never be left unattended.
      • All pet/dog droppings shall be the responsibility of the pet owner, and must be removed immediately.
      • All pets should have proper papers for vaccinations to be presented to the campground owner upon request.
      • If any pet is creating a disturbance or being a nuisance, the pet shall be immediately removed per the request of the manager.
      • No more than 2 pets per site allowed.
      • Visitors of guests are not permitted to bring pets.
      • Children shall not be allowed to walk pets.
      • No pets allowed in recreational hall, pavilions, playgrounds, bathrooms, swimming or beach areas. Accommodations will be made for service animals.
      • Any pet bites must be represented to staff immediately. Any pet bites will result in removal of pet.
      • Campfires: Build fires in fireplaces only. Do not move fireplaces. Never leave a fire burning when you leave your campsite or before retiring. Firewood is for sale at the camp store, please do not remove firewood from other sites. Keep a hose or bucket with water nearby in case of emergency.
      • Trash: Please bring your trash to the dumpsters located near the campground entrance. We recycle; use the appropriate containers.
      • Telephone Calls: Incoming calls for campers to the office phones should be limited to emergencies only. An emergency phone is located outside the recreation hall doors. Instructions for its use are located next to the phone.
      • Recreation Hall/Pavilion No pets, except service animals, allowed in the store or recreation hall. Children 10 and under are not permitted in the recreation hall after 8:00PM without parents. No hard liquor in recreation hall. Bike riding, skateboards, and roller blading are prohibited in the recreation hall and pavilion.
      • Weapons: Weapons and firearms of any kind, including, but not limited to airguns, B.B. guns and slingshots, are absolutely not allowed in the campground.
      • Motorcycles and Mopeds: May be driven from your campsite to Town Street only. Joyriding in the campground is not permitted. Power driven riding toys for any age are not permitted in the campground. Golf carts are not permitted in the campground.
      • Property Damage to Campground: You will be asked to leave if you, your children, or your guests vandalize our property or you hack, cut, or drive nails or screws into trees, buildings, or picnic tables. Children are not allowed to use knives or hatchets unless supervised by an adult.
      • Sheds, Fences or Decks:Sheds, fences, and decks are not to be erected at campsites without permission from the campground. Bushes or trees are not to be trimmed without permission.
      • Artificial Grass: Artificial grass is not allowed on “real grass” sites.
      • Clothes Lines: Clothes lines are not permitted at campsites.
      • Activities: Check the Activities Board outside of the camp store for scheduled activities and events or any changes to scheduled events. Athletic equipment is available at the camp store. This equipment must be signed out. Your safety and enjoyment during your stay are important to us. Please note that scheduled activities may change without notice. Some items require a deposit.
      • Prohibited Items
      • Fireworks or sparklers, even “legal” ones.
      • Beer or wine kegs.
      • Laser beams (red dot).
      • Skateboards or scooters.
      • Gasoline or electric chainsaws for firewood.
      • Loud bug zappers.
      • Boulders: Do not climb or play on boulders along the edge of campsites. These boulders act as a barrier along drop-offs and embankments, please use caution.
      • Bike Rules: Subject to CT bicycle laws.
      • We highly recommend the use of bike helmets at all times.
      • Parents must instruct their children in proper safety procedures prior to riding, and provide proper supervision.
      • Please ride with caution.
      • No speeding or reckless riding. The campground speed limit is 5 MPH. Cars always have the right-of-way.
      • No riding bicycles after dark.
      • No riding on steps or the back hills. No riding near or under the traffic control gate.
      • Park bicycles in the racks near the game room at the bike owner’s own risk. Do not park bikes in front of the recreation hall, store, or in any doorways.
      • Do not use speed bumps as ramps.
      • One person at a time on a bicycle.
      • If you ride your bike in the campground, you must agree that staff may place your bike in a secure “bike jail” for failure to follow bicycle rules. A parent will need to retrieve the bike from staff.
      • Pool Rules: No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk.
      • No running.
      • No diving.
      • All children under 14 must be supervised by an adult.
      • No horseplay.
      • No pets allowed in the pool area.
      • No food or drinks in glass containers in the pool area. Water in plastic containers is acceptable.
      • No smoking in the pool area.
      • No inner tubes or inflatable flotation devices other than arm bands and pool noodles are permitted.
      • The use of small toy/inflatable pools are permitted if used only short term. Children must be supervised by parents at all times while the pool is in use and the pools are never to be left unattended with water in them.
      • Emergency Phone is located outside the office by the woodshed.
      • Pool is open from 10:00AM - 8:00PM (weather permitting.)
      • Pond Rules:No swimming in the pond.
      • Emergency Phone is located outside the office by the wood shed.
      • The management reserves the right to remove, at our sole discretion, without refund, any person or persons who violate our camp rules.

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