Wooded Acres Family Campground

    997 Federal Avenue, Houghton Lake, MI 48629, USA

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      Park Rules & Directions

      Campground Rules

      ·     CHECK IN TIME IS: 2:00pm. No Check-Ins after 9:30pm.

      ·     CHECK OUT TIME IS: 12:00pm. Late check out must be ok’s with the office. Anyone staying past 4pm will be charged an additional day.

      ·     No more than 4 adults allowed per site.

      ·     Holiday Weekends require a 3-Night Stay. All weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day require a 2-Night stay.  

      ·     Children may not be left alone in the campground without adult supervision. Children must be on their site by dark unless accompanied by an adult.

      ·     Quite time is between the hours of 10pm & 7am. Prohibited loud noises may include, but are not limited to, playing music, loud talking and corn hole games.

      ·     Only 1 RV per site. Permission must be given to add a small tent, fees may apply.

      ·     No tents on sites with cabins or the rental RV.

      ·     Only 2 vehicles per site. Visitors must park in visitor parking area.

      ·     Sinks in restrooms are not to be used for washing pet or dishes.

      ·     Sewer hoses must be in good condition with proper elbows.

      ·     DO NOT BURN TRASH IN FIRE PITS! Trash must be deposited in dumpsters. Do not toss your campsite garbage in the bathhouse waste baskets or dog dropping waste station.

      ·     No Clothes Lines. Please do not hank clothes from trees or bushes.

      ·     Washing of ORV’s, vehicle, or non-seasonal RV’s is not allowed.

      ·     GUESTS AND VISITORS must register at the office. Visitor’s fees apply- children 6 and under are free. All visitors must exit the campground by 10:00pm. Campers assumes responsibility for any visitor to their site.

      ·     Vehicles must be street legal and operated by a licensed driver. Golf carts / motorized scooters/ ORV’s, etc. are not allowed to be ridden in the park. They may only be ridden into and out of the park only.

      ·     Cutting, trimming, or damaging standing timber, plants or other living vegetation is prohibited.

      ·     Do not climb trees.

      ·     5 MILES PER HOUR. This is speed limit is for the safety of all guests and visitors, many are children. As a camper, you and your visitors are required to abide by the posted speed limit. Speeding through the campground may result in forfeiture of your campsite. No refund will be provided.

      ·     ABSOLUTLY NO FIREWORKS IN PARK. Use of firearms, explosives and projectile-firing devises is prohibited.

      ·     DO NOT BRING ANY FIREWOOD INTO THE PARK. Dry, affordable firewood is available for purchase and at no additional cost, can be delivered to your campsite. Violators will be asked to leave with no refund.

      ·     Please do not flush baby wipes or any other sanitary wipes into our septic system. Even if they say they are flushable, they still cause trouble to our septic system.

      ·     RESPECT other people’s sites, property, campers, and vehicles. Please do not cut through other people’s campsites and do not remove any property from any site including firewood. Flying DRONES in/over the park is prohibited.

      ·     ALCOHOL is permitted. However, drunkenness and illegal use of drugs will not be tolerated and will be reported to local authorities. As solely determined by management, drunkenness, any disorderly conduct, illegal drug use, obscene language, any disrespectful/rowdy behavior by you, your guests, pets, children or any one in your campsite will subject you and your group to permanent loss of you camping privileges and immediate ejection without a refund.

      ·     NO SMOKING in any building on site, including restrooms and rentals. Cigarette butts / Cigar butts are to be picked up. SMOKING MARIJUANA IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT WOODED ACRES FAMILY CAMPGROUND. Non-compliance will result in forfeiture of your campsite. No refund will be provided.


      Cancellation Policy

      ·     Campsites - refunds of deposits will only be made if reservations are canceled 7 or more days from arrival less a cancellation fee. Cancelation made less than 7 days from arrival will forfeit deposit.

      ·     Cabins / Rental RV – refunds for deposits of cabins will only be made if reservations are cancelled 14 or more days from arrival less a cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 14 days from arrival will forfeit deposit.

      ·     There will be no refunds of unused days and no refunds due to the discomforts of Mother Nature.

      ·     Holiday Weekends – NO REFUNDS will be issued.


      Swimming Pool Rules


      ·     Children under 14 must be supervised by somebody 18 years of age or older.

      ·     No animals or glass containers in pool area.

      ·     No alcohol in pool area.

      ·     Noodles or tube type toys are not allowed.

      ·     Please observe all posted pool rules.


      Pet Rules

      ·     Quiet and Nonaggressive Pets are allowed and welcomed. Up to 2 pets per site.

      ·     Excessive Barking will not be allowed.

      ·     Pets must always be on a handheld leash and kept under control.

      ·     Pets are not allowed to be left alone in the tent, camper, or cabin as you leave the park. If nobody can stay with the pet, the pet must go with you when you leave the park.

      ·     Your pet’s droppings are to be cleaned up immediately.

      ·     A per day per pet charge for pets in cabins. No pets allowed in rental RVs.

      These rules are put in place to provide an enjoyable camping experience for all our guests. Please respect other campers, staff, and these rules so we can all have a great time here at Wood Acres Family Campground.


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      Open May 1 - 30

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