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2nd, 2016


an RV and Test Drive a Fun New Lifestyle


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If you’ve ever
wondered what it would be like to take your next vacation in an RV, there’s
an easy way to find out: rent one. This will allow you and your family to
“test drive” the RV lifestyle and help you find out what size and type of RV
is right for you.

There are a few factors to
consider before you rent an

  • Decide if you want a
    motorized RV or one that’s towable such as a fifth wheel or travel trailer
    (if you have a vehicle that’s large enough to pull it or mount it
  • Choose the size of your RV based on the number of
    people you’ll need it to accommodate. For example, motorized RVs come in
    Class A (like a bus) that can sleep up to 6, Class B (built on a van chassis)
    that can sleep up to 4, and Class C (also called a “cabover”) that can sleep
    up to 8.

You’ll have a variety of RV rental
companies to choose from, including nationwide companies like Cruise AmericaEl
Monte RV
 and USA RV Rentals as well as
many regional companies.

When you choose an
RV rental company, you’ll want to ask some important

  • What is the daily
  • Are any miles included and what is the cost per
    mile for extra miles?
  • What extra charges are involved
    such as costs for a generator or propane?
  • Are any kitchen
    and bedding items included or will you have to bring, buy or rent
  • What are the pickup and drop off
  • What’s the average gas mileage the

You’ll also need to put down a security
deposit to rent an RV, and, as with a rental car, you’ll need to purchase
insurance if the rental is not covered by your auto insurer, so you’ll want
to check with them first.

And, in case you’re wondering, you
only need a regular driver’s license to drive most RVs
, but if
you’re planning to rent a very large RV or trailer, you’ll want to check with
your state’s department of motor vehicles to find out if any special
requirements will apply.

Also, be sure to ask what kind of
training and orientation you’ll receive from your RV rental company. This
will help you make sure you’ll be able to drive the RV safely, know how to
operate all of its features, hook up your water and electrical services
correctly and dispose of waste

Then the real fun will
begin — deciding where you’ll go. Just visit our Find a
page and you’ll be well on your way to your RVing