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    17th, 2021


    Campgrounds Where You Can Indulge Your Love of ATVing


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    If you and
    your family and friends love to go ATVing, you’re certainly not alone.
    According to the ATV Safety Institute, more than 35 million Americans ride
    all-terrain vehicles. So if you’re looking for new places where you can
    combine your love of camping with your passion for ATVing, we’ve got you
    covered. Here are five spots across the country where you can find some great

    1. ARIZONA

    Pines KOA, Williams

    This award-winning campground is located just an hour away from
    the Grand Canyon, so it makes a great base for exploring the wide variety of
    trails northern Arizona has to offer. For accommodations, this
    family-friendly campground offers a choice of RV sites, Conestoga wagons,
    cabins, tent sites and teepees.



    Trinity Lake KOA, Trinity

    Located on 70 wooded acres at the northwest end of Trinity Lake in
    Northern California, this campground is set in the picturesque Trinity Alps. For
    ATVers, the Trinity Wilderness, located just outside the campground, offers
    hundreds of miles of trails for to explore. Accommodations include RV sites,
    cabins and tent sites.



    Mount Rushmore KOA at Palmer
    Gulch, Hill City

    Located in the heart of the scenic Black Hills, this
    family-friendly campground makes it easy to visit the iconic Mount Rushmore
    and the impressive Crazy Horse Memorial. The resort offers ATVs and UTVs
    (Utility Terrain Vehicles) for rent that can be used on the trail system
    located just outside the campground. There’s a wide variety of
    accommodations, including RV sites, cabins, tent sites and guest rooms the
    Mount Rushmore Lodge.



    Windrock Park Campground, Oliver

    How does 73,000 acres of off-road excitement sound to you?
    Windrock Park, located in Eastern Tennessee, is the largest privately-owned
    riding area in the country. It offers more than 300 miles of trails in a
    family-oriented atmosphere. In addition to RV sites, the campground offers
    cabins, yurts, tent sites, primitive sites and a group camping area.


    Trailhead ATV Resort, Bluefield

    Nestled in the heart of southwestern Virginia, Trailhead ATV
    Resort is a true paradise for ATVers—it’s located in close proximity to two
    premiere trail systems: the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System and the Spearhead
    Trails System. There are trails to choose from for everyone, from novices to
    pros. The accommodations available include RV sites, cabins, park models and
    tent sites.

    Naturally, any successful ATVing adventure should start with
    putting safety first.

    “Having ATV trails at or near your campground can greatly
    enhance your camping experience by allowing you to explore even more of the
    great outdoors. Proper ATV training for every rider is important so the
    experience is positive and safe,” says Rob Gladden, vice president of
    training operations, ATV Safety Institute (ATI). “The best safety
    training is through the ATV Safety Institute’s hands-on ATV RiderCourse,
    available for adults and children ages 6 and up. If riders want to get
    started right away with training, the ASI also offers free
    online E-Courses. Riders will learn about personal and trail safety,
    proper riding techniques, trail etiquette and more. ASI’s website offers many
    more educational resources, as well as information on state ATV laws and

    For more information on ATV safety training for you and your
    family, visit atvsafety.org.

    So enjoy your next ATV adventure and don’t forget to post your
    favorite photos at