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    2nd, 2016


    5 Tips for Winter


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    Whether you’re
    camping in an RV, tent, cabin or other accommodation this winter, you’ll be
    sure to be spending a lot of time outdoors. Here are a few tips to help you
    stay comfortable when you go camping in the cold:

    bundled up

    1. Layer, layer, layer. Layering your
    clothing makes it easy add or remove layers as necessary as temps change
    during the day and night. For the best results, wear items made of synthetic
    fabrics next to your skin instead of those made of cotton. Synthetic fabrics
    wick moisture away from your skin while cotton can get wet and take a long
    time to dry. The next layer is your insulating layer, which can be fleece,
    wool or goose down. And then your outer layer should be a
    waterproof/windproof/breathable shell. Also, be careful when removing layers.
    If you remove too many of them and get cold, it may take a long time for you
    to warm up again. Also, avoid wearing a down jacket around your campfire as
    stray embers can melt holes in the nylon shell. A wool jacket is a better choice.

    2. Pack extra hats, gloves and socks.
    No matter how careful you are, you could easily lose a hat or
    a glove or two, or they could just get too wet to wear, and you’d hate to be
    without them. Also, be sure to pack plenty of extra socks so you always have
    a dry pair handy.

    3. Stay hydrated. It’s easy to make
    the mistake of thinking that if it’s not hot outside, you can’t get
    dehydrated. But the truth is that dry winter air is surprisingly dehydrating,
    so be sure to drink plenty of water. Here’s a tip if you’ll be storing your
    water containers outside: Store them upside down so any ice will form at the
    bottom of the container instead of at the bottle neck or

    4. Cook one-pot meals. If you’re
    cooking over a campfire or grill, one pot meals are the way to go because
    they can be simpler to prepare. Also, camping in cold weather will give you a
    great excuse to load up on carbs because they’ll you stay warm! It’s also a
    good idea to pack a few thermoses so you can keep your beverages, stews,
    soups or chili nice and steamy hot.

    5. Protect your skin from windburn.
    Before you know it, the wind can leave your skin red, raw and
    tingling like you have a sunburn. One way to avoid this is to apply petroleum
    jelly to any exposed skin surfaces. The petroleum jelly will help prevent the
    wind from touching your skin and it will act as a moisturizer at the same
    time.  Cross Country Skiing

    The fact that the temperatures in your area are getting chillier
    doesn’t have to mean that your camping season is coming to an end. If the
    thought of pitching a tent in the snow doesn’t appeal to you, and you don’t
    have an RV to keep you warm, you still have plenty of options. Simply use our
    customizable park
     to find a great cabin, park model or yurt to rent
    so you can enjoy all the beauty of winter while you gather around a cozy

    And don’t forget the other advantage of winter camping – it’s
    usually too cold for the bugs to appear!

    In the end, one of the most important aspects of winter camping is
    the ability to keep warm. So as the saying goes, “If your feet are cold, put
    on a hat!”