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    Amazing Anniversary: Lake Arrowhead
    Campground Celebrates 50 Years


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    It’s no small
    accomplishment when a campground has been owned and operated by the same
    family for 50 years! That’s exactly what the Malsack family has achieved.
    Their campground’s history began in the 1960s when Bea and
    Arnold Malsack
    decided they wanted to start a campground
    business and moved their family from their small appliance store in Slinger,
    Wis. to a beautiful plot of farmland and forest in eastern Marquette County.
    They opened Lake Arrowhead Campground in 1971 with around a dozen campsites
    and a small camp store, naming their new campground after the arrowheads
    found in the area years ago.

    The campground was almost entirely staffed by Arnold, Bea, their
    son Phil and Phil’s fiancée Linda. Linda and Phil met in college and were
    married in 1973 on the campground property. They each held a full-time job in
    addition to working at the campground, with Phil spending 22 years at the
    Marquette County Sheriff’s Department primarily as Sheriff and Chief Deputy
    Sheriff. Linda and Phil officially purchased the campground in 1975 and they
    lived in a small house attached to the camp store.

    In the early 1980s, Phil and Linda began having children and in
    1989 built a new home adjacent to the campground for their now family of
    five. Their children, Emily,
    Jessica, and Adam
    would grow up on the campground property, spending nearly every waking hour
    in the summertime out on the grounds with their camper

    In 1998, the family purchased the nearby Puckaway Shores
    Campground and after a complete renovation, reopened it in 1999 as
    Lakeside Campground, an all-seasons park on the
    shores of Lake Puckaway. The family later purchased Lighthouse RV Park, which
    was adjacent to Lakeside’s lagoon, and added it to Lakeside Campground. They
    also purchased the Puckaway Shores Manufactured Housing Community. In 2019,
    the family purchased property directly to the west of the Lake Arrowhead boat
    launch and swimming area, adding over 300 feet of frontage on Lake

    Over the years, the Lake Arrowhead and Lakeside campground
    operation has grown to include over 71 staff members and more than 360 sites.
    The park also offers deluxe cabins along with a swimming pool, a children’s
    activity pool, access to swimming and fishing on Lake Puckaway and sports
    facilities such as sand volleyball, basketball and a jumping pillow. Plenty
    of scheduled activities and themed weekends offer families even more ways to
    have fun and create memories.

    The three Malsack children are now part owners of the campground
    and are actively involved in its operation. Adam
    serves as general manager, Jessica
    is the recreation manager and Emily
    is the administrative manager. Following in the
    footsteps of their parents Phil and Linda, all three of the 3rd generation
    Malsacks held their weddings at the campground and now have children of their
    own. And as a sure sign of just how much this family loves this industry,
    their favorite thing to do when they have time off from the campground is to
    go camping!

    To celebrate Lake Arrowhead’s 50th anniversary, every family that
    camps at the park this season will be given a commemorative deck of playing
    cards. On June 4-6, the campground had a fun, 1970s-themed celebration that
    included tie-dyed shirts, live music with hits from the 70s and a parade. As
    part of the celebration, the Malsacks planted a maple tree together as a
    family. “We hope the 4th generation of our family can celebrate our 100th
    anniversary in the shade of that tree,” Jessica says.