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    5th, 2013


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    YurtsOcean Mesa
    at El
    Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, Calif
    ornia is
    widely known as one of the finest glamping locations on the West Coast with more
    than 100 finely furnished park model cabins. But the resort is also finding
    success with its newest type of rental accommodation: Yurts.

    Yurts are modern versions of the types of the ancient shelters
    that were used by Central Asian nomads. They are circular structures with
    domed roofs and usually have a lattice wood frame and canvass or other
    material that’s stretched tightly around them. They also have an opening in
    the domelike ceiling to let the light in – some also have traditional windows
    as well as bathrooms and even kitchens.

    El Capitan Canyon has six fully furnished yurts, each of which can
    sleep four people. They complement the resort’s 109 park model cabins and 26
    furnished safari tents. “Yurts appeal to our campers who like to be in a
    tent. But yurts feel more solid than a tent,” said Terri Bowman, managing
    partner of El Capitan Canyon. “You’re not as insulated from nature as you are
    when you stay in a cabin. But you can still lock the door.”

    Growing numbers of campgrounds across the country are adding
    yurts, according to Alair Bair, president of Cottage, Ore.-based Pacific
    Yurts, the world’s largest yurt manufacturer. Campgrounds are also
    increasingly equipping their yurts with kitchenettes and bathrooms and other
    interior amenities.

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