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    2nd, 2016


    Campground Crafts for


    Happy Camper Blog



    Family camping
    trips are all about creating memories, and one sure fire way to make them
    memorable is to bring along some simple craft materials so the kids can
    create their own masterpieces. Here are a few ideas for campground crafting


    Cookie Cutter Bird

    What to bring: Birdseed, envelopes of
    unflavored gelatin, measuring cups, twine or string, cookie cutters and wax

    How to make them: Dissolve one
    envelope of gelatin in ¼ cup of hot water and let it cool for a bit. Stir in
    ¾ cup of birdseed or a bit more if needed to absorb the liquid. Place cookie
    cutters on wax paper and fill them half way with the birdseed mixture. Knot
    the end of a piece of twine to make a loop, and lay it over the birdseed. Add
    more birdseed mixture until the cookie cutter is full. Allow the bird feeders
    to dry overnight, then remove them from the cookie cutters and hang them from
    the trees for the birds to enjoy.


    Sponge Water Bombs

    What to bring: Packages of colorful
    kitchen sponges from the dollar store, scissors and string or fishing

    How to make them: Cut the sponges
    into 1” strips lengthwise. Stack three rows of three strips each in varying
    colors on top of each other. Tie the bundle tightly together in the middle
    with string or fishing line and twist the sponge strips into a ball shape.
    Make a big batch of these, add them to a pail of water and let the water
    fights begin!


    Paper Bag Kites

    What to bring: Large brown paper
    grocery bags, crayons or markers, a hole punch, hole reinforcement stickers
    from the office supply store, rolls of crepe paper or colorful plastic bags,
    strong string

    How to make them: Give each kid a paper bag to
    decorate with crayons or markers.  Punch two holes on each side of
    the top of the bag and apply the hole reinforcement stickers.  Cut
    two 30” pieces of string, thread them through the punched holes and tie them
    to create two loops. Loop a third piece of string (30” or longer) through the
    two loops to make a handle. Cut streamers out of the crepe paper or plastic
    bags and have the kids glue them onto the edges of the bag. Once the glue is
    dry, the kites are ready for flight!


    Thumbprint Bugs

    What to bring: Non-toxic,
    non-permanent ink pads in varying colors, drawing paper and thin black

    How to make them: Have the kids use the ink
    pads to create thumbprints in the shapes of butterflies, centipedes, lady
    bugs, spiders or other insects. Then, once the ink is dry, have them use the
    markers to add eyes, legs, wings and antennae to create their own colorful
    bug zoo.