GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted November
    10th, 2020


    101: What’s Your RV Park Personality?


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    If you’re new
    to RVing, you’re probably discovering there’s a lot to learn about this
    rewarding way to travel. Plus, there you have so many great RV parks and
    campgrounds to choose from. But did you know that all RV parks aren’t alike?
    They’re a bit like people in that they each have their own distinct
    personalities. And finding the best ones to stay at is just a matter of
    narrowing down what you’re looking for. Here are a few

    • Family-friendly – These parks offer
      plenty of activities families can enjoy together like games, craft projects
      and ice cream socials. Many of them also have kid-friendly amenities like
      playgrounds, splash pads and pools.
    • 55 and over – As you might expect,
      these parks offer activities and amenities targeted to the adult market. They
      also typically accommodate longer-term stays by offering monthly or seasonal
    • Transient – These parks are
      designed for campers who are planning on shorter stays, for example,
      overnight, a weekend or a week.
    • Long-term – While these parks
      aren’t age-specific like 55 and over parks are, they are similarly prepared
      to accommodate campers who want to stay for a longer period of time such as a
      month or an entire season.
    • Petfriendly
      – These parks make sure furry family members feel welcome by offering
      amenities such as dog parks and agility equipment. Some even offer kennels
      for short-term boarding while campers are out exploring the local
    • Tourist-focused – These RV parks
      cater to campers who are traveling to the area to visit specific attractions,
      such as theme parks or national monuments. This means that during the day,
      they’re usually away from their campsite visiting these local
    • Luxury RV Resorts – Typically
      designed for campers who have the largest (Class A) rigs, these RV parks
      offer many luxurious amenities such as resort-style pools, putting greens,
      sports activities, onsite restaurants and spa services.
    • Glamping – While the term glamping
      (a combination of glamour and camping) may conjure up images of safari tents
      equipped with all the comforts of home, it is possible to go glamping in an
      RV, as well. Comfy touches like throw pillows and cushions, area rugs and
      bistro lights can all make the site feel cozier and a bit more glam. Many RV
      parks offer this style of camping.

    So, once you’ve decided on the “personality” that’s right for you,
    how do you find out which RV parks you have to choose from? Just go to
    GoCampingAmerica.com, enter in your destination, and you’ll be able to
    explore all of your options. Each listing that will come up in your search
    will indicate the lifestyle the park caters to, the recreational amenities
    and services they offer, and the types of RV sites and hookups available. So
    enjoy the search . . . and, more importantly, enjoy your next RVing