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    2nd, 2017


    Cool Camping Apps


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    With new apps
    being created all of the time, your smartphone could easily become one of
    your favorite pieces of camping gear. Here are 10 apps to consider
    downloading before your next camping trip:

    1. Coleman Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner
    By Coleman Company, Inc. | Free for
    iOS Cell Phone

    Why bring along recipes when you can keep track of them on your
    phone? This free app lets you filter recipes by cooking method, type of meal
    or available ingredients, and you can use it to create meal plans and lists
    of your favorite recipes. It also includes handy cooking


    2. Star Walk 2 | By Vito
    Technology, Inc. | For iOS and Android

    There are many apps designed for stargazing, but this one is a
    next-generation tool for learning the exact position of stars, planets,
    constellations, comets, the ISS, satellites, star clusters, nebulae and
    meteor showers in the night sky. All you have to do is point your device
    toward the part of the sky you want to learn about. Ideal for use by young
    and old, it offers a simple interface, atmospheric visual and sound effects,
    a soundtrack and 3D models of celestial bodies.


    3. First Aid | American Red
    Cross | Free for iOS and Android

    This useful app helps you be prepared to handle everyday
    emergencies by guiding you step-by-step through a variety of first aid
    scenarios. It’s also fully integrated with 911 so you can call for Emergency
    Medical Services (EMS) from the app at any time. The First Aid app also
    includes videos, animations and safety tips for weather emergencies, and its
    preloaded content means you can access the safety information you need even
    when you don’t have cell service or an Internet connection.


    4. History Here | By History
    Channel | Free for Android, iOS and Apple Watch

    This Webby Award-winning interactive travel guide covers thousands
    of historic locations across the United States. You can use your GPS location
    to get the facts about the history that’s all around you, including
    architecture, museums, battlefields, monuments, famous homes and more.
     There’s also a “Tour” feature to help you learn about historical
    themes and topics, such as Marilyn Monroe’s Hollywood, Civil War Atlanta and
    Al Capone’s Chicago. You can also use the app to check distances and get
    driving or walking directions to points of interest or you can tap the
    “Surprise Me!” feature to learn about a random location somewhere in the


    5. Merlin Bird ID App
    Cornell Lab | Free for iOS and

    If you’re an avid birdwatcher like so many people are, this app
    will help you identify which species you’re seeing. Simply answer five simple
    questions about a bird you are trying to identify and Merlin will come up
    with a list of possible matches so you can learn more about North America’s
    most common birds. You can also snap a photo or pull one from your camera
    roll and Merlin will come up with a list of potential matches. You can also
    browse more than 2,000 images captured by top photographers or listen to more
    than 1,000 audio recordings.


    6. Postagram | By Sincerely
    | For iOS and Android 

    Who doesn’t love to receive postcards in the mail? This app, which
    is free to download, lets you take photos from your phone or Instagram or
    Facebook accounts and turn them into postcards delivered by mail for a rate
    starting at 99 cents each. It’s a great way to share your camping adventures
    with friends and family.


    7. inRoute | By Carob Apps |
    For iOS

    Cell Phone

    What’s cool about this voice-guided navigation app is that it will
    automatically check your route for severe weather, elevations, curvy roads
    and times of daylight — things that are important to know when you hit the
    road in your RV.  The inRoute app can help you plan the route that’s
    optimal for you.


    8. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps
    By Sygic | For iOS and Android

    What makes this GPS navigation app stand out is that you can
    download high quality 3D TomTom maps of your route to your device so you
    don’t have to worry about getting cell service when you’re traveling in areas
    where coverage is spotty.  It provides door-to-door voice-guided
    navigation, live traffic updates to help you avoid traffic jams, and police
    radar/speed camera warnings. It also offers suggestions on where to park with
    info about availability and rates. The app lets you share your route with
    others in real time and can help you find the cheapest gas based on the type
    of fuel you use. The optional Head-Up Display (HUD) feature projects your
    navigation onto your car’s windshield.


    9. iExit | By Metrocket, LLC
    | For iOS and Android

    When you’re traveling on US Interstate highways, it’s hard to know
    which exits will have the services you need. iExit takes care of that
    uncertainty by displaying upcoming exits in real time. For each exit, there’s
    a list of services available such as restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops,
    Wi-Fi and ATMs, so you can decide which exit will best meet your needs. As
    the app’s developers say, “Your GPS will tell you how to get there. iExit
    will tell you where to stop along the way.”


    10. Creepy Campfire Tales
    By Coleman Company, Inc. | Free for

    There’s nothing quite like sitting around the campfire and telling
    scary stories. This free app, which is rated for ages 9 and above, offers
    categories of stories for kids, teens and adults with titles like “The
    Outhouse of Terror” and “An Old Man at 19.”  The app includes 15
    creepy stories, and some of them even have spooky sound