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    4th, 2013


    Health and Fitness Amenities at RV


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    help people rejuvenate themselves by escaping the stresses of work and
    everyday life. But growing numbers of Americans also see vacations as
    opportunities to refresh and strengthen themselves in a physical sense by
    engaging in hiking, swimming, bicycling and other recreational

    “The vacation experience is increasingly about
    rejuvenating the body,” said Tim Deputy, general manager of
    N Fun RV Resort
    in Sarasota, Florida.  which
    features an 18,000-square foot spa and wellness center with an indoor
    swimming pool, infrared sauna and steam room. The swimming pool is equipped
    with resistance jets for swimmers who want a tougher workout. Underwater
    treadmill and bicycle equipment is also available.

    Sun N
    Fun also has a fitness studio for classes in Zumba and Yoga as well as
    separate rooms for free weights, circuit equipment and cardio (spinning)
    workouts. As might be expected, Sun N Fun also has an onsite masseuse and
    sports therapist. But the resort also has another wellness center amenity not
    typically found in RV resorts: A neurogym equipped with computer programs and
    equipment that help people learn how to reduce their stress and improve their
    mental wellbeing.

    “One of our
    programs is called Peak Brain Happiness,” Deputy said. “It’s designed for
    golfers and tennis players. We also have programs that help people quit
    smoking and reduce weight.” While such extensive health and wellness
    facilities may seem like extreme investments, Deputy said the resort is
    trying to be responsive to the needs of its guests, who range from single
    working professionals and families to empty nesters and retirees. “Many of
    our younger guests are interested in physical fitness, while many of our
    older guests are looking for tools to help rejuvenate themselves, both
    physically and mentally,” Deputy said. Sun N Fun also provides its guests
    with access to body measurement equipment so they can keep track of their
    progress. Other RV resorts across the country are also broadening their
    offering of health and wellness amenities and activities. They

    • Fountain
      of Youth Spa in Niland, California
      conceived as a snowbird RV resort with healing natural hot springs, the
      Fountain of Youth Spa is a diversified, year-round vacation resort with
      cottage rentals, vacation homes, and an increasing array of health and
      wellness services, including onsite hair and nail salons, massage therapists,
      as well as therapeutic exercise classes, including water aerobics, Tai Chi,
      Yoga and Zumba.
    • Rincon
      Country RV Resorts in Tucson, Arizo
      This resort, which has two locations in Tucson, complements its pool and spa
      facilities with classes in low-impact aerobics, Tai Chi and Yoga. The resorts
      also invite doctors and physician’s assistants to provide seminars on blood
      pressure, joint and shoulder pain, arthritis and other health related
    • The
      Springs at Borrego RV Resort in Borrego Springs, California:

      This resort, which is just outside Anza Borrego State Park,
      has a spa and wellness center with classes in water aerobics, Qi Gong, Tai
      Chi and Yoga.