GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted March
    2nd, 2020


    How to Show Your Support for
    Campgrounds You Love During These Challenging Times


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    The concept of
    social distancing is really nothing new to campers who love to get out to
    enjoy wide open spaces. But it’s now something everyone must abide by. And
    while we would all love to go camping to escape this pandemic, many of us are
    unable to right now due to government policies and safety practices limiting
    non-essential travel. These restrictions, while necessary, are seriously
    impacting campgrounds across the country, many of which are fighting to
    provide lodging to full-time RVers and other essential workers that must
    travel for their jobs.

    If you can’t go camping right now, there are several things you
    can do to help support your favorite campgrounds during this

    • Postpone and reschedule your trips instead of cancelling
      Find another time down the road to visit these parks and
      give both the park and yourself a reason to look forward.
    • Buy gift certificates from the campground to give others or
      to use for future trips.
      Give yourself, a friend or a family
      member the gift of a camping trip.
    • Purchase t-shirts or other items from your campground’s
      online store, if they have one.
      They, like all small
      businesses during this time, will appreciate the extra
    • Support parks and campground on social
      Like, share, retweet and interact with parks on their
      social channels to help promote their brand. Leave a positive review as
      thanks for a past stay. Many campgrounds are offering fun activities like
      virtual scavenger hunts, hosting live streams of musical acts or other
      interactive activities that are great fun for you and your

    Between now and your next camping trip, why not try a little
    virtual camping? Many RV parks and campgrounds offer virtual tours on their
    websites and social media. This is a great time to take a few virtual tours
    of campgrounds you’re interested in so you can decide which ones you want to
    visit. You can even set up a tent or make a fort in your yard or house and
    pretend you’re visiting your favorite park! Bonus if you wear the campground
    shirt you purchase and share with the campground on social

    If you do have to travel to a campground or RV park, or are already
    residing at one, here are some tips to follow to help ensure that your
    camping experience is optimal:

    • Check the status of the area you’re planning to
      Be sure to get up to date on all federal, state and
      local rules and recommendations regarding visits and business operations in
      the area. Information is changing fast, so be sure to check
    • Don’t plan a trip if any members of your party are feeling
      . You wouldn’t want their symptoms to worsen while camping
      and/or to expose others to their illness.
    • Check with your campground. Visit your
      campground’s website and social media to make sure they’re open for business
      and to get updates on what they are doing to follow the Centers for Disease
      Control and Prevention (CDC), local and federal guidelines. Make sure they
      have a safety plan that is clearly defined and that it is one you feel
      comfortable following. Don’t hesitate to give your campground a call if you
      have specific questions.
    • Observe social distancing guidelines.
      Remember to do this in all facets of your trip, from your campsite or cabin
      accommodations to using any shared facilities to enjoying outdoor activities
      such as hiking. Use grocery delivery services, if necessary, if you find that
      you didn’t bring enough supplies with you.
    • Go cashless whenever possible. This will
      help you avoid any possible contamination from exchanging coins or paper
    • Respect temporary changes. Campgrounds may
      be making some changes such as restricting park capacity or limiting some
      activities or amenities in order to comply with current government guidelines
      and best practices. Remember that these changes are being made in your best
      interest and to keep everyone safe.

    Finally, if you do have the opportunity to stay at a campground
    during these challenging times, be sure to leave an online review and to
    share your experience with other campers on social media. This will let them
    know they can look forward to having a positive camping experience there,
    too. The owners of your favorite campgrounds will appreciate it and they will
    welcome you back with open arms once this crisis is over.