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    2nd, 2017


    More Ways to Stay


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    While many
    people naturally assume that you need to own a tent, an RV or a lot of
    equipment to go camping, the opposite is actually true. Many campgrounds
    offer an assortment of alternative accommodations that are ideal for those
    who like to travel light, those who prefer to sleep with a roof over their
    heads or even for couples or families that want to try something new. Here
    are five fun options to consider:

    Park Models | Park models,
    also known as recreational park trailers, are actually RVs that are placed on
    a camp site and rented out for seasonal use. They come in different styles.
    Some look like tiny Cape Cod cottages while others have a more rustic, log
    cabin look. Many park models also have built-in porches or decks and some
    even have lofts and gabled windows. 

    Cabins | In this category,
    the options are pretty broad, ranging from small rustic cabins to
    western-style bunkhouses to luxury models. Sometimes a number of cabins are
    grouped together, which makes them ideal for hosting a large group like a
    family reunion.


    Teepees (or Tipis) | Staying
    in an authentically-designed teepee is a great adventure for kids, and, we’ll
    admit, a lot of fun for adults, too. Many teepees also have fire pits and
    picnic tables nearby, and, yes, some even have Wi-Fi access.

    Rental Trailers | Some parks
    have RVs that they rent out to guests, which is an ideal option for those who
    want to enjoy an RV outing without making an investment to buy one or who
    wouldn’t feel comfortable driving a big rig. And if you’re someone that loves
    all things retro, there are even parks that rent classic Airstream

    Yurts | Yurts, which are
    circular tents supported by a latticework structure, date back thousands of
    years when they were used by nomads as they crossed the steppes of Central
    Asia. Today, they come in a number of different sizes and are decidedly more
    comfortable and much better appointed than those drafty ones of long ago.
    Staying in a yurt is definitely a unique way to camp and one you won’t likely
    soon forget.


    How to find campgrounds that rent park models,
    cabins, teepees, trailers or yurts:

    Go to our Find a Park search
    page, click on “Site Options” and choose the type of accommodations you’re
    interested in. You can also refine your search by your desired geographic

    Helpful tip: When booking any of
    these alternative camping accommodations, be sure to ask what items are
    included, such as linens, small appliances and cooking utensils, so you’ll
    know what to bring with you.