GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted May 20th, 2020

Resources for RVers

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Knowledge is power, as they say, so we’ve put together a collection of resources you can use to power up your next RV adventure and make your life easier along the way:

Helpful Advice

Why reinvent the wheel when you can get advice from those who have traveled the road before you? There are lots of books you can turn to, like The Complete Idiot’s Guide to RVing and Best RV Tips from RVTipOfTheDay.com. You can also find entire cookbooks devoted to camping. A few examples are Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors and Easy Campfire Cooking. When you’re ready for a little comic relief, you might want to read How NOT to RV which was written by a psychologist when she was a fledgling RVer.

Navigating Your Way 

The InRoute route planner app offers the convenience of GPS navigation and it automatically checks the route ahead for severe weather, elevation changes, curvy roads and more. The RoadAhead highway exit finder is a time-saving app that lets you check out the exits coming up to see which restaurants and services are available at each one so you can choose the exit that best meets your needs.

Fueling Up

FindFuelStops.com can help you find the lowest diesel fuel prices at truck stops between any two points in the United States and it offers a searchable database of truck stops that offer pump dumps, repairs and other amenities RVers need. GasBuddy is a handy app you can download to find the cheapest gas prices wherever your travels take you.

When You Need Repairs

RVServiceLink.com has a searchable database of RV service centers nationwide along with maps of where they’re located and links to their websites.

Finding the RV that’s Right for You

In the market for a new RV but you’re not sure which size and style is right for you? GoRVing.com offers a Find My RV shopping tool that can walk you through the options to help you narrow down your choices.

RV Shows

If you want to tour a lot of different models in one place, an RV show is the way to go. GoRVing.com also offers a searchable database where you can search for RV shows by state and month.

Tips for Newbies

NewRVer.com posts a variety of articles for anyone who is just getting started on their RVing journey.

An Essential Guide To Enjoying National Parks Responsibly

loveholidays has created a guide on how to enjoy the great outdoors more ‘responsibly’ by practising the principles of ‘leave no trace’, camping and wildlife safety, and fire prevention awareness. The many physical and mental health benefits of spending time in nature such as reducing stress and anxiety, all helpful after enduring months of lockdowns and travel restrictions.The guide includes an interactive map showing highlights and useful insights into the top national parks in the US. It features plenty of useful tips, practical advice, and other resources to stay safe in parks and recreate outdoors responsibly.

View the Guide