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    S’More, Please!


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    August 10 is
    National S’mores Day, so there’s no better time than right now to celebrate
    this cherished (and delicious) camping tradition. No one knows for sure who
    invented s’mores, but they at least date back to 1927 when a recipe for “some
    mores” was published in a Girl Scout handbook. The name is easy to
    understand, because once someone tries one of these tasty treats, they’ll
    soon be asking for s’more!


    Classic s’mores are made by sandwiching a toasted marshmallow and
    pieces of chocolate between two graham cracker squares. But over the years,
    clever campers have come up with plenty of creative variations. Here are a
    few for you to try.

    Make Sweet

    Instead of regular graham crackers, try substituting
    chocolate-flavored, chocolate-covered or cinnamon graham crackers. Or skip
    the graham crackers altogether and replace them with sugar cookies, chocolate
    chip cookies, ginger snaps or fudge-striped cookies.

    When it comes to the chocolate bars, there’s certainly nothing
    wrong with regular milk chocolate, but you can put a new twist on your
    s’mores by using mint-flavored chocolates, peppermint patties, snack-sized
    coconut-filled chocolate bars or peanut butter cups instead. (A word of
    caution, though—you may have to hide these sweet ingredients from your fellow
    campers until it’s s’mores time!)

    Add In Some Extra Fun

    Now comes the really fun part. Why not see how creative you and
    your family can get with add-ins? How about some crispy bacon left over from
    breakfast? Or maybe some caramel candies or rainbow sprinkles. How about
    spreading some peanut butter on your graham crackers? You can even add some
    healthier ingredients like sliced bananas, apples or strawberries. Your
    choices are only limited by your imagination!

    Take Your S’mores on the Go

    Here’s an idea the kids will love—walking s’mores! Take a
    snack-sized bag of teddy bear-shaped graham crackers and add in a couple of
    freshly toasted marshmallows and pieces of chocolate candy. Quickly blend
    together the ingredients with a fork and your portable s’mores will be ready
    to go!

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