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    4th, 2014


    Shoot for the Stars: Experience a
    Spacecraft Launch This December in Cape Canaveral


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    Few things
    pique human interests like celestial exploration. Over the past decade, the
    quest for new space discoveries has hit new heights, with advanced technology
    making the universe seem more reachable than ever before.

    For most Americans, witnessing a spacecraft launch is a
    once-in-a-lifetime experience. In just a few weeks, on Thursday, Dec. 4, NASA
    will launch the Orion spacecraft atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket from Cape
    Canaveral, Florida for its first flight test. With cold winter weather
    sweeping the country, there isn’t a better time to take an RV trip down to
    the Sunshine State. What better excuse to hit the road with your RV for a
    warm-weather adventure?

    Whether you’re a crew of empty nesters or a family with young
    ones, an RV adventure to Cape Canaveral is an amazing way to experience the
    amazing wonder that is space exploration.

    The Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral opened in 1967 and hosts
    approximately 1.5 visitors annually. With admission, visitors are given
    access to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Viewing Location, as well
    as access to other attractions including the Astronaut Hall of Fame. For an
    extra $20, visitors can access the Apollo/Saturn V Center Viewing

    Astronauts with

    The unmanned Orion Flight Test will travel 3,600 miles from the
    earth and will test systems critical to deep space missions, including
    potential trips to the “red planet” of Mars. The planned journey is farther
    than any crewed spacecraft has traveled in more than 40 years. After the
    four-hour test flight, the spacecraft will land in the Pacific Ocean where it
    will be recovered by a joint effort between the U.S. Navy and

    A Kennedy Space Center and an RV trip go hand in hand. Just ask
    Astronaut Bruce McCandless! (See video above).

    In addition to the Orion spacecraft launch, Kennedy Space Center
    guests can take guided tours, get an up-close look historic spacecraft,
    including the Space Shuttle Atlantis, participate in interactive activities,
    and watch featured IMAX space films.

    With more than X campgrounds within X miles of Cape Canaveral,
    travelers of all walks of life are sure to find accommodations suited to
    their needs and preferences.

    So, when making your travel plans for the season, add Cape
    Canaveral to your list for the RV trip of a lifetime.