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    3rd, 2015


    Top 12 Unusual Destinations to Visit
    in the Southeast


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    The Southeast
    United States attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its
    incredibly diverse terrain, friendly people, and fascinating history. Each
    state offers something unique, from the incredible beaches of Florida to the
    lush forests of Georgia. You can learn more about the events that founded
    this country on battlefields in South Carolina, and see the buildings that
    work towards our nations future in Washington D.C., Virginia. There are so
    many incredible things to see in this region, including some strange
    attractions you may have never heard of. Here are the top 12 unusual
    destinations in the Southeast United States. 


    1.) The Congressional
    – The Greenbrier Hotel and Resort may seem
    like a perfectly normal hotel from the outside, but underneath the walls lies
    one of the greatest American secrets of the 20th century. During the Cold
    War, the government built a secret bomb shelter meant to hold all 535 members
    of Congress should nuclear war break out. In 1992, the secret got out and has
    since become a tourist attraction. Visitors can walk through the massive
    bunker and learn more about the Cold War and our preparations for a nuclear
    armageddon. The Hotel is located in White Sulphur Springs, southern West

    2.) The Mystery Hole
    The name of this attraction does not exactly give a clear picture of what it
    is. The “hole” is actually a metal hut owned and operated by Will
    and Sandra Morrison. Much like the “mystery spot” in Santa Cruz,
    California, this attraction is an area that seems to defy gravity. Inside the
    hut you will see balls rolling uphill and chairs balancing at impossible
    angles. Visitors to the attraction have claimed, “it’s an experience
    that will intrigue you for the rest of your life.” The mystery spot it
    located in Ansted, about an hour west of Charleston. 

    Engine Three at Chestnut Hollow Bend (Train
    at the Chestnut Hollow Bend, WV. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dbnunley/)


    3.) Foamhenge– Sculptor
    and visionary Mark Cline has gained a reputation for creating unique
    attractions in the State of Virginia, his most celebrated creation being
    Foamhenge. Cline went to great lengths to make the Stonehenge replica almost
    exactly identical to the England original, shaping each stone individually
    and even placing them in the correct astronomical positions. Foamhenge is
    located in Natural Bridge, Virginia, about an hour west of

    4.) Tank Museum– The first
    tanks built for combat were made in 1915 for World War One. Since that time,
    there have been incredible advancements in armored tanks. The AAF Tank Museum
    in Danville, southern Virginia, is one of the best places in the country to
    learn about the evolution of tank warfare, and the many conflicts they were
    used in. 

    IMG_3370 (Foamhenge,
    Natural Bridge, VA. https://www.flickr.com/photos/akahige/


    5.) U.S. Space and Rocket
    – The Kennedy Space Center in Florida gained
    notoriety as one of the best space museums in the country, but the U.S. Space
    and Rocket Center in Huntsville, northern Alabama has been attracting many
    visitors thanks to the incredible displays and much less crowded atmosphere.
    Some of the most interesting things to see are the 363 foot tall Saturn V
    Moon Rocket replica, and the Apollo Command Module

    6.) Unclaimed Baggage Center
    Forget the classic thrift shops, for true bargain prices head to the
    Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, northeast Alabama. The store collects
    baggage that was never claimed at the airport, and sells the goods for cheap
    prices. You can find everything from sports equipment to

    US Space and Rocket Center in
  Huntsville. (U.S. Space and Rocket Center,
    Huntsville, AL. https://www.flickr.com/photos/hotmeteor/


    7.) Tallahassee Automobile
    – Any automobile aficionado’s traveling
    through Florida should check out the Tallahassee Automobile Museum in
    Tallahassee, northern Florida. The museum contains hundreds of classic cars,
    as well as a strange assortment of old memorabilia, from vampire killing
    tools to old typewriters. 

    8.) Monkey Jungle– “Where humans are
    caged and monkeys run wild.” The Monkey Jungle in Miama, south Florida,
    is one of the best places in the state to bring children. The attraction was
    opened by Joseph DuMond in 1933, and now has over 133 primates, including
    orangutans, gibbons, and spider monkeys. 

    Monkey Jungle, Miami (Monkey Jungle, Miami,
    FL. https://www.flickr.com/photos/azuquin/


    9.) Tank Town
    – For 500 dollars, you can smash vehicles while
    driving an armored tank. Yes, you read that correctly. Tank Town USA, in
    Morganton, northern Georgia, allows visitors to drive massive armored
    personal carriers around their five acre course. The instructors teach
    visitors how to operate the machines safely, and then hand you the

    10.) National
    Civil War Museum
    – The American Civil War was the
    deadliest conflict in our nations history. One of the best places to learn
    more about what caused it, and the weapons that were used is in Colombus,
    western Georgia. The museum contains many historical artifacts from the war,
    including the hulk of the CSS Jackson, the infamous gunboat torched by Yankee
    Raiders to avoid being captured. 

    Field Hospital (Recreated Civil War Field
    Hospital, Fort Oglethorp, GA. https://www.flickr.com/photos/somegeekintn/)

    South Carolina

    11.) Miniature Golf Capital of the
    – Myrtle Beach, on the East Coast of South
    Carolina holds perhaps the most impressive collection of miniature golf
    courses in the world. Amply named the “miniature golf capital of the
    world,” Myrtle Beach contains over 50 courses, from pirate ship themes
    to volcanos. 

    12.) Atom Bomb Site– Have
    you ever wondered what the site of an atomic bomb looks like? Head to Mars
    Bluff, in northeast South Carolina to find out. Visitors here can see the
    effects of a 26-Kiloton bomb, more powerful than the bomb dropped on

    14th Street Pier at Myrtle Beach (14th Street
    Pier, Myrtle Beach, SC. https://www.flickr.com/photos/alan2/)