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    4th, 2015


    Top 12 Unusual Destinations to Visit
    in the West


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    The Western
    Region of the United States is undoubtedly one of the most diverse areas in
    the country.

    Each state is different and offers unique
    experiences unavailable in most other parts of the world. Hikers can spend a
    lifetime exploring these states, just keep an eye out for Bigfoot. With so
    many incredible things to see in the West, it’s not wonder why this region is
    one of the most popular to visit. Pack your gear, head west, and make sure to
    visit these 12 unusual destinations along the



    Museum of
    – Have you ever wondered the correct way to
    embalm a human body? Let’s hope not.. Real-life applicability aside, you are
    sure to learn a thing or two here at the Museum of Death in Hollywood,
    Southern California. This bizarre museum was created by JD Healy and Cathee
    Shultz as a way to educate the public about death, a subject they felt wasn’t
    discussed enough. They researched a number of highly publicized deaths and
    created exhibitions explaining the circumstances. Numerous attractions are on
    display here, including an actual severed head, coffin collection, and
    execution devices. Tours here are self-guided and last approximately 45

    2.) Museum of
    Jurassic Technology
    – It’s commonplace for visitors
    to this museum, located in Culver City, Southern California, to feel like
    they’re going insane. This is precisely the reaction that founders David and
    Diana Wilson wanted to evoke. This unusual museum focuses on the
    “advancement of knowledge and public appreciation of the Lower
    Jurassic.” The exhibits on display are sure to confuse, so it’s best to
    come here with an open mind.

    3.) Trees of
    – California is known for its incredible
    abundance of Redwood trees, and one of the best places to see these up close
    is in the family owned “trees of mystery,” in Klamath, Northern
    California. This attraction, opened in 1946, brings in visitors from around
    the world to see the largest trees on the planet up close. What makes this
    place unusual is the collection of massive sculptures created out of the
    trees themselves, including a 50 foot tall Paul Bunyan, and his 35 foot tall
    sidekick, Babe the Blue Ox. This area is one of the most beautiful places in
    California, so make sure to pack a camera.

    California Redwoods

    (California Redwood Trees, Rex



    Testing Museum
    – Nevada may the state best known for
    its testing of atomic weapons. The massive surrounding desert and relatively
    low population made it an ideal place for the government to study these
    weapons. The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the
    premier place to learn about the testing process and their results. Beginning
    with the earliest days of atomic testing and culminating with the current
    nuclear era, this museum highlights over 70 years of nuclear bombs, revealing
    in detail how these weapons have shaped the world we live in

    5.) The Mob
    – Nothing captures the Public’s interest quite
    like the mob does. Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman knew this, and in
    2012, created the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement,
    informally known simply as, “the mob museum.” This unusual tourist
    attraction, located in the heart of Las Vegas, tells the story of how
    organized crime began in America, and the efforts that Law Enforcement
    agencies gave to eliminate it. Numerous historical exhibits are on display,
    including the wall where Al Capone shot down his rivals during the “St.
    Valentines Day Massacre,” numerous photographs of famous gangsters, and
    a collection of guns commonly used by the mob throughout history. This is a
    fascinating place to learn more about the criminal underworld in America, and
    a unique opportunity to learn something educational on a trip to Las

    6.) The Hoover
    – This incredible feat of human engineering holds
    the distinction of being the highest concrete dam in the Western hemisphere.
    Tours here are not for the faint of heart, as you must descend 55 stories
    straight down into the dams core. Once inside, the guides walk visitors
    through numerous parts of the dam, including the generators which produce
    over four billion kilowatts of energy per year. Head to Boulder City in
    Southern Nevada to see for yourself why this historical landmark attracts
    over one million visitors every year.

    Hoover Dam

    Hoover Dam, Ron




    The Airplane
    – For most people, designing their dream home
    starts from the ground up. Bruce Campell had a different idea, and began
    designing his home while it was in the sky.

    In 1999,
    Campell purchased a retired 727 jetliner and began transforming it into a
    livable home. It didn’t take long for the public to get interested, and quickly
    became a tourist attraction. The plane is parked on a forested hill in
    Hillsboro, Northwestern Oregon. Many visitors comment on the surreal
    experience of visiting the plane, completely surrounded by

    This plane is not far from the city of Portland,
    and is well worth a visit for the photograph

    8.) Evergreen Aviation
    – For airplane enthusiasts, the Evergreen
    Aviation Museum in Mcminnville, Northwestern Oregon, is one of the most
    interesting places to visit in the country. This museum is filled with
    incredible planes from all eras of flight, but the crown jewel is without a
    doubt Howard Hughes’ famous “Spruce Goose.”

    massive plane, the largest ever constructed, saw flight only once, and was
    kept in hangar for 30 years shortly after. In 1993, the Spruce Goose found a
    home inside the Evergreen Museum where it lies today.

    of aviation history could spend an entire day here without ever getting
    bored. It is one of the best places to learn about the history of flight, and
    a unique opportunity to see in person one of the most iconic symbols of
    American Ingenuity.

    9.) High Desert
    – Most people are unaware that a significant
    portion of Oregon is actually desert. To educate people about the history and
    wildlife in this area, the High-Desert Museum was created. Located just five
    miles south of Bend, this museum won’t take you off the beaten path, allowing
    you to easily stop by during a drive between

    Evergreen Aviation Museum

    the Evergreen Aviation Museum, ERIC




    Spark Museum of
    Electrical Invention
    – This fascinating museum, found
    in Bellingham, Northwestern Washington, traces back the origins of electric
    invention. It contains one of the largest collections of historical electric
    artifacts from as early as the 1600’s.

    Some of the Museum’s
    prized possessions include the radio room from the sunken Titanic, and one of
    the original light bulbs built by Thomas Edison.

    Coulee Dam and Light Show
    – For a sensory overload
    unlike anything you could imagine, head to the Coulee Dam in Northern Washington.
    The dam itself is an impressive engineering achievement and is certainly
    worthy of a visit, but the nightly light show is what makes this place
    special. Free of charge, this show lasts approximately 30 minutes and tells
    the story of the land and creation of the dam. It is one of the largest laser
    shows in the world, and something you are sure to

    12.) Chihuly Garden and
    Glass Museum
    – Unanimously rated one of the top
    places to visit in the state of Washington, the Chihuly Garden and Glass
    Museum in Seattle reveals to visitors the extraordinary possibilities of
    artwork using glass.

    The museum pays tribute to the work of
    renowned glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. Eight galleries are on display here, as
    well as an outside garden, and glass-blowing

    Anyone traveling to Seattle should visit this
    museum to see the work of a true artistic

    Chihuly Museum

    Exhibit Inside the Chihuly Museum, Eli