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    4th, 2013


    Washers: A Traditional American
    Backyard Game


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    washoes, Texas horseshoes, holey board and washer toss are but a few of the
    names for the washers game which is a traditional American backyard game of
    skill, played by two or more contestants.

    Whatever you like
    to call it, it’s a fun way to pass time while camping and having fun with
    family and friends. The game can be played in many variations from region to
    region–from washer pits on the beaches, in backyards, and with “portable”
    washer boards you can set up anywhere.

    Since pitching
    washers are lighter than horseshoes, it can be played in an area that has
    limited space by adults and kids alike. Rules vary slightly, depending on the
    type of washer board you choose to play

    How to Play

    Washers can be a two to four player game, individuals
    or teams. To determine who will “pitch” first to start the game, a
    player from each team will pitch one washer toward the opposite board.
    Whoever gets closest to the hole will start the game. This is called the

    After the game has started the person
    or team who scored last throws first. The first player will pitch their four
    washers, one at a time, toward the opposite board followed by the second
    player’s throws.

    Scoring is determined after both players
    have pitched all of their washers. Only one player or team may score per
    round. Only the washers that are closer than their opponents count as points.
    A round is when each player has thrown all four washers. Equal points cancel
    each other.

    For example, if the first player lands a washer
    inside the cup and the second player also lands a washer inside the cup, the
    second player’s washer negates the cupper.

    A winning game
    is determined in several ways:

    • Should one player
      or team reach 11 points before the opponent scores a single point, the game
      is called a “Skunk.” If you are playing in teams, and one team
      skunks the other team, play is completed.
    • Should one
      player or team score 17 points while their opponents have scored only 1
      point, the game is called a “Whitewash.” In competition with 2 or
      more players or teams, it is possible to skunk or whitewash some but not all
      players. In this case, play continues with all participants that have not
      been skunked or whitewashed.
    • When one player or team
      reaches 21 or more points before an opponent reaches 20 points, the game has
      gone full-term, with the team or player scoring 21 or more is the winner. Any
      player to reach 20 points first, achieves an add, and always tosses last.
      Games that go to add must be won by a least 2

    Hole Board
    Scoring: 1 point for being
    on the board, 3 points if you are leaning over the edge of the cup and 5 if
    you are in the cup. Place your boards so that the distance is 21 feet to the
    center of the opposite cup from the back of your board. The back of the board
    is where you will stand when pitching your washers. When you have established
    this distance you can easily add eye hooks and a rope to your boards so you
    won’t have to.

    Washer “Box” Rules
    Scoring: 1 point if your washer lands in the box
    and 3 points if you land inside the cup. If you are ever so lucky and your
    washer ends up on top of any edges of the washer box you automatically win
    the game. Boxes are placed so the cups are 21′ apart. Stand beside the box in
    line with the cup to pitch your washers.