Base Camp Kennicott

McCarthy, Alaska

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PARK or CAMP at the McCarthy Road's End by the Footbridge -- Mile 59.4Gorgeous scenery on the Kennicott Glacier Lake and the Kennicott River.


Base Camp Kennicott is located approximately 8 hours (by car) from Anchorage. 

Services are very limited once past Glennallen - travelers should plan ahead.

From Anchorage, drive east on the Glenn Highway (Hwy 1) toward Glennallen.

You may want plan a rest stop in Glennallen - services are limited beyond Glennallen. 

Get fuel, use a restroom, grab a meal, get a few snacks/drinks for the rest of your trip!

Head south (right turn) on the Richardson Highway (Hwy 4) Signs for Valdez.

At MP 83.4 Head east (left turn) on the Edgerton Highway (Hwy 10)

 Continue 33.5 miles to Chitina, the beginning of the McCarthy Road. 

The first third of the McCarthy Road is hard surfaced, the rest gravel. 

Base Camp Kennicott is located at the end at Mile 59.4. Look for our banner!

The last gas stations:

Kenny Lake Mercantile (Edgerton MP 7) - Gas and diesel available only during store hours.

Chitina _ Gas pump available 24/7 with a credit card.



Camping - Oversize: $40 per day

Vehicles over 25 feet in length - 2 tents max

More than 2 tents, $10 per tent additional

Typically includes Mid-sized to Larger Motorhomes,  

Pickups/Vans towing trailers/5th wheels

For extra large groups, inquire with the Camp Host upon arrival

Check in any time - night drop available

 Check out the next day by 1:00

Major US credit cards accepted