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      Sunburst RV Resort is less than 30 minutes South of the Alabama border. Sunburst is pet friendly RV Resort in the FL panhandle offering rental cabins, RV lots and tent camping. We are close to Blackwater River State Park where you can canoe, kayak, or tube down the beautiful Blackwater River. If you are looking for some action it’s just a short drive to Florida Zip Line Adventures! We are across from the Sweet Seasons Farm Corn Maze held in October. We would love to accommodate your camping club or just provide a quiet getaway with family. 

      Park Rules & Directions

      Updated 1-25-17       

                          Sunburst RV Resort Rules and Regulations


      At Sunburst Resort we try hard to provide a safe, clean and fun environment for your camping enjoyment.


      Please help us uphold our standards for your experience and others by following our RV Park rules. We ask that you read and become familiar with them so that there are no misunderstandings. Thank you for choosing Sunburst RV Resort!


      Rules in and around Sunburst common areas and grounds:


      ʉۢ Speed limit is 5 mph or less in the park at all times. Strictly enforced

            (This includes cars, motorcycles, golf carts, and bicycles)


      • All vehicles must remain on designated driving roads and parking areas

          (This includes personal golf carts with the exception of utility carts for staff)


      • Parking only in authorized parking areas (strictly enforced)


      • Only one vehicle permitted per RV, tenting and or cabin space

       (Your extra vehicle or guest’s vehicle must park in overflow parking)


      • No minors or unlicensed drivers are allowed to operate golf carts or vehicles in the park


      • Quiet hours throughout the park are from 10 pm- 8 am


      • It is the registered guest’s responsibility to keep their site clean and in an orderly 

       fashion. This includes properly discarding cigarette butts and placing fire pit coals in

       designated areas (please see staff for assistance).


      • Moving RV’s from site to site without prior approval of management is not permitted


      • In the advent of an emergency the management reserves the right to move vehicles and

        belongings to maintain the safety of others without prior notice


      • Keep roads clear at all times for emergency vehicles


      • Children must wear bicycle helmets


      • No skate boards, bicycles, roller blades, roller skates are allowed on boardwalks or pool



      • No ATV, Three wheelers or dirt bikes are allowed to be utilized in the park

       (You may rent a space to store it on your trailer in our storage area for a nominal fee)


      • No profane language allowed at Sunburst (you will be asked to leave)


      • No working on vehicles (maintenance or mechanical repairs) in the park


      • Mail service and fax service is available to our guests at the office


      • If you are expecting any shipments, mail or messages please inform management in



      • Guests and visitors use all facilities at their own risk


      • Sunburst RV Resort is not responsible for loss or damage


      • We have Wi-Fi for our guests throughout the park (signal is strongest in the clubhouse)


      ʉۢ No nudity allowed at Sunburst in our public spaces or your rental sites



      Pool Rules:


      • Pool hours are from 8 am -10 pm (No exceptions)


      • No coolers allowed in the pool areas


      • No food, drinks or smoking allowed in our pool areas


      • An adult must accompany children under 16 at the pools at all times


      • If 2 or more children are twelve years of age they may swim together without an adult


      • No individual swims alone in any pool at any time


      • No glass containers allowed in the pool area


      • Please shower before entering the pool


      • There are no baby oils or lotions allowed in the pool (ruins filters)


      • No running around the pools

      . There are additional swimming pool rules posted at each pool. Please follow them


      • No nudity allowed in our pools at any time



      Visitors and Guests rules:

      Registered guest = renter of an RV site or cabin space

      Friends of registered guests = visitor at your site only (not using amenities)

      Day pass holder = registered guest’s friend with an all access day pass

      (Long-term renters must purchase day passes for friends and family to use amenities)


      • All parties (guests, visitors and day pass holders) must register at the office upon arrival


      • There is an added daily nominal fee for any day guests or visitors you may invite


      • Guests and visitors use all facilities at their own risk


      • Sunburst RV Resort is not responsible for loss or damage


      • Any Visitors and Day pass holders will exit the park by 10 pm


      • All visitors are the direct responsibility of the registered party, including minors


      • Failure of your guests to adhere to the rules may be subject to the entire party being

        removed from the park without a refund


      • If you have any issues, please report them to management immediately


      • No profane language allowed at Sunburst


      Fire pit rules:


      • Fire pits are permitted at your site. You must check with management before using your

       fire pit to be sure there is not a “No burnâ€� regulation in place by the local forestry  



      • All fires must be in an approved fire pit only. Management may have an approved fire

       pit for rent if you do not have one.


      • All campfires must not be left unattended at any time


      • Sunburst also has a community fire pit for use with groups. Please check with

       management before using.


      • The use of approved fire starter fuel is allowed (No gasoline)


      • Fire pits can only be used by an adult 18 years or older. An adult must accompany

       minors while fire pit is in use.


      • Certain times of the year management will have firewood for sale at the office

      Guests with Long Term sites: (Snowbirds)


      • Guests with long-term sites are responsible for maintaining their lawn, and garden beds.

       It is also your responsibility to keep your sites in an orderly, clean and uncluttered

       fashion. Keep lawn ornaments, debris, and parking of vehicles and golf carts to a

       minimum and as organized as possible. Please help us keep Sunburst beautiful for all to   



      • All sheds must be approved manufactured sheds. No self-made sheds are allowed


      • No 10x20 vehicle canopies, tarps, work tents or temporary covers. (Strictly enforced)

            (The use of large tents causes eye pollution, clutter and creates a wind hazard)


      • The use of an “easy upâ€� tent no larger than 10x10 is approved for temporary use   

       (This canopy must be tied down and is the responsibility of the owner). Management

       reserves the right to ask the owner to move, remove or take down this tent at any time.


      • All vehicles, trailers and mobile homes must be registered with the state and have

       current tags on them. (This includes utility, boat, and moving and camping trailers in the

       storage area.)



      Smoking rules:


      • Smoking is not permitted in any of our buildings, screened in porches, Pool areas,

       Rental cabins or any other roofed areas


      • Place all cigarette butts in approved containers only


      Children: (We love our little ones at Sunburst and are concerned about their safety).


      • All guests are responsible for their children’s behavior.


      • An adult must accompany Children under the age of 12 at all times


      • An adult must accompany Children on the play ground at all times


      • An adult must accompany children under the age of 16 in and around the pool at  

        all times


      • If 2 or more children are twelve years of age they may swim together without an adult


      • No individual swims alone in any pool at any time


      • Children must wear bicycle helmets


      Pet rules: (At Sunburst we love our pets and yours)


      • Dogs can run free in our dog park from 7:30 am -10 pm


      • Pets outside of our dog park are to be kept on a leash no longer than 10 feet


      • Pet owner is responsible if their pet injures a person or another pet


      • Pet owner is required by law to pick up any animal waste (strictly enforced)


      • Pets are not allowed in the pool areas


      • Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse, game room, laundry room, and kitchen area


      • Pets are not allowed to remain tied up outside while you are away from Sunburst. If you

       have an emergency and need to leave Sunburst, please inform our staff. They will help

       you with your pet while you attend to your situation (only for a few hours and

       emergencies only).


      • We reserve the right to refuse any aggressive pets (for our children and guest’s safety

        No Pit Bulls please) 



      The use of Alcoholic beverages:


      • Alcohol is to be consumed in moderation at your site only


      • Public display of alcohol is discouraged. All adult beverages need to be disguised in plastic cups or in an insulating device


      • No profane language allowed at Sunburst (you will be asked to leave)


      • Public display of drunkenness is not permitted and will result in guest being thrown out of the park at the management’s discretion. (No exceptions)


      • Absolutely no use of illegal drugs allowed. Violators will de subject to being thrown out of the park at the management’s discretion. (No exceptions) We will call the police!

      Sanitation and garbage rules:

      • Sunburst does not pick up trash at your site. Our dumpsters are conveniently located at

       the exit of the park. Place ONLY Household trash in the dumpster

                                      (No metal, wood, brush or chemicals)


      President: Rob Moorman

      Manager: Trish Krocker

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