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Smells Like Teen


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              Summer family vacations
can be a little challenging when you have teenagers who dread being separated
from their friends and their technology. No fear, we’ve compiled a list of
some of the best ways to get teens excited about camping with their family,
batteries not included.


  • Hone survival skills – From building a fire with eyeglasses and
    water bottles, to making smoke signals or guarding against unwanted wildlife,
    teenagers are sure to find the excitement (and practicality) in these skills.

  • Look to the heavens –
    Bring an astronomy book (or download an app, if you have a signal) to make
    the most of your stargazing adventure. If your family is really into
    astronomy, then time your trip around a major event like the Perseid meteor
    shower (Aug. 12).

  • Deal out fun – There are
    hundreds of games to play with a simple deck of cards from the classic, yet
    competitive, game of war to the memory-busting concentration. For the older
    crowd, bring some poker chips to make your games more interesting. Why not
    wager on who has to make breakfast the next morning?
  • Give ’em space – Just because you’re surrounded by tons of
    activity options doesn’t mean that you have to be on-the-go 24/7. A mid-day
    break is often a good idea to let everyone refuel and relax, especially teens
    who need “me time.”



  • Mix up your menu – Plan meals that teens wouldn’t expect to make
    around a campfire. With a little creativity, you can enjoy campfire burritos
    or pizzas, grilled potato “boats,” apple pies on a stick, and more.
  • Christen a new camp chef – Breakfast and dessert offer great and
    simple options for any teen to cook something savory for the family. If they
    are up to the challenge, have the teens do the grocery shopping as well. 
  • Get creative with s’mores – S’mores are a staple of any camping
    trip. Encourage teenagers to create their own take on this classic dessert by
    including fruits, cookies, peanut butter or other tempting goodies.


  • Have the tech talk – Let your teens bring their devices, just be
    sure to set some ground rules regarding when and where they can and cannot
    use them. 
  • Set a good example – If you ask your teenagers to leave their
    cell phones behind, then you should do the same.