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    The Shining Light: Visiting Historic


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                  Since the 1800’s,
    lighthouses have been guiding ships to shore and serving as stoic landmarks.
    While most are automated now, lighthouses are often open to the public as
    museums. Light up your next vacation with a visit to these historic
    lighthouses and nearby RV parks and campgrounds.

    Portland Head Light
    – Cape Elizabeth, Maine

    The oldest lighthouse in Maine sits at the entrance of the main shipping
    channel into Portland Harbor. Although it’s now automated, the lighthouse
    keepers’ house has been transformed into a museum that is open to the public.
    The lighthouse has barely been touched since construction was completed in
    1791 besides the addition to the height during the Civil War years.

    Where to stay: Bayley’s Camping

    Mini golf, fishing in the on-site ponds, and games like kickball and
    volleyball are just some of the countless activities offered at this
    campgrounds and its recreation center. Located just 30 minutes from the
    lighthouse, Bayley’s is sure to entertain families of all ages.

    Pigeon Point

    Pigeon Point
    – Pescadero, California

    Perched on a cliff just 50 miles from San Francisco is the 115-foot Pigeon
    Point Lighthouse. Since 1872, Pigeon Point has guided mariners to central
    California. Now, nearly 150 years later, free history walks are available
    through the state park. The original first-order Fresnel lens is still in working
    order, and every November thousands of visitors gather to witness the annual
    lighting of this historic light.

    Where to stay: Pelican Point RV

    Whether guests are coming to visit in the middle of the summer or stopping
    by for the annual lighting, Pelican Point is a must-stay. It’s just 20
    minutes straight down the coast from the lighthouse, 30 miles from San
    Francisco and between the ocean and the mountains. Stunning views of the
    neighboring Ritz Carlton golf courses and beach access are just two of the
    features that will keep campers entertained at Pelican Point.

    Haceta Head Lighthouse

    Head Lighthouse
    – Yachats, Oregon

    Located on the Oregon coast, this lighthouse attracts thousands of people
    every year. Since it was built in 1894, the Haceta Head has casted one of the
    strongest beams of light onto the sea making it a popular spot for sea
    captains to dock. In 1978, the lighthouse was added to the National Register
    of Historic Places for its architecture and engineering significance.

    Where to stay:
    South Jetty RV and Camping Resort 

    A beautiful drive from the lighthouse along the coast of the Pacific Ocean
    will bring you to South Jetty RV and Camping Resort. Located on the water,
    guests can enjoy the beach and nature trails as well as potluck dinners,
    sporting tournaments, and live entertainment and dancing. There are also
    unique accommodations for those that don’t have an RV including yurts and
    full-sized cabins.


    – Saugerties, New York

    A designated landmark, the Saugerties Light has become a popular
    destination along the Hudson River and still casts a fog horn that can be heard
    for miles. The lighthouse, originally built in 1869, is now a museum where
    you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Hudson River and the Catskill

    Where to stay:
    Saugerties/Woodstock KOA

    Just 13 minutes from the lighthouse, there is always something to do at
    Saugerties KOA including weekly craft activities, fire truck rides, ice cream
    socials, geocaching, and nature hikes. Surrounded by tall luscious green
    trees, this campground offers spots perfect for RVs and tents as well as
    cabins and lodges for those looking for added comfort.

    Portsmouth Harbor

    Harbor Lighthouse
    – New Castle, New Hampshire

    As the only lighthouse on the mainland of New Hampshire, Portsmouth Harbor
    Light was constructed in 1877 on the grounds of Fort Constitution, a
    Revolutionary War fortification. The current light is a fixed green signal
    that is visible for 12 nautical miles. Though the lighthouse itself is not
    open to the public, it can be seen from the nearby Fort Constitution State
    Historic Site.

    Where to stay: Libby’s
    Oceanside Camp

    Only 22 minutes from the lighthouse, Libby’s Oceanside Camp is the place to
    sit back and relax by the water. Guests enjoy breathtaking ocean views, fresh
    salt air breezes, and the dynamic surf.