Camping in Maine

      Your guide to the best ways to camp in Maine.

      Your Go-To Maine Camping Guide

      Craving a taste of classic New England charm? Look no further than Maine, a camping haven brimming with rugged coastlines, towering mountains, and endless pine forests. Pitch your tent under a canopy of stars at Acadia National Park, hike majestic mountains in Baxter State Park, or kayak along the peaceful shores of Sebago Lake.

      Picture this: roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire, listening to the call of loons echoing across a pristine lake, and breathing in the crisp, clean air. No fancy frills here, just pure, unadulterated nature.

      Best Places To Camp In Maine

      Acadia National Park

      Acadia National Park, encompassing Mount Desert Island and the Schoodic Peninsula, is a tapestry of diverse landscapes where granite cliffs plunge into the Atlantic, forests whisper secrets, and glacial lakes reflect the sky’s ever-changing hues. Hike along dramatic oceanfront paths, scale Cadillac Mountain for breathtaking panoramas, kayak through pristine waters, or simply relax on a secluded beach, lulled by the rhythm of the waves.

      Acadia National Park Maine

      Baxter State Park

      For the true wilderness adventurer, Baxter State Park beckons. This vast expanse of untamed beauty, crowned by the majestic Katahdin, invites you to leave the crowds behind and forge your own path. Navigate through dense forests, paddle across crystal-clear lakes teeming with fish, and camp under a canopy of stars so bright they seem within reach. Hike through valleys carved by ancient glaciers, encounter wildlife in their natural habitat, and reconnect with the raw power and serenity of the wild.

      Baxter State Park Maine

      Sebago Lake State Park

      Sun-drenched days and starlit nights await at Sebago Lake State Park, where Maine’s largest freshwater body beckons with its endless possibilities. Pitch your tent within easy reach of the shimmering water, cast your line for prized salmon and bass, or rent a boat and explore hidden coves. Hike through towering pines, build sandcastles with the kids, or gather around a crackling campfire as laughter and stories fill the air.

      Sebago Lake State Park Maine

      Moosehead Lake

      Dive into the heart of Maine’s wilderness at Moosehead Lake, a haven for those who seek adventure on a grand scale. This sprawling second-largest lake, fringed by towering mountains and dense forests, is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Cast a line for trophy trout, paddle through secluded coves teeming with wildlife, or embark on a scenic boat tour for breathtaking panoramas.

      Moosehead Lake Maine

      Midcoast Maine

      Pitch your tent amidst towering pines overlooking the ocean, explore hidden coves teeming with marine life, or kayak through lobster-laden waters. Hike along scenic trails that hug the rugged coastline, visit historic lighthouses standing sentinel against the waves, and savor delicious seafood at harborside shacks. With its diverse camping options, ranging from secluded campsites to bustling RV parks, the Midcoast offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and small-town charm.

      Midcoast Maine

      Things To Do In Maine

      Belgrade Lakes Region

      Imagine a necklace of sparkling lakes, each offering unique adventures and breathtaking beauty. The Belgrade Lakes Region, a chain of ten interconnected lakes nestled west of Augusta, is a haven for water enthusiasts and nature lovers. Camp within sight of the shimmering water, cast your line for prized bass and salmon or rent a boat and explore hidden coves and secluded islands. With its family-friendly atmosphere, diverse camping options, and endless water activities, the Belgrade Lakes Region offers an idyllic escape for creating lasting memories in the heart of Maine's natural beauty.

      Bar Harbor

      The gateway to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is a charming town with a rich history and maritime heritage. Stroll along the harborfront, explore historic mansions like Bar Harbor Inn, and indulge in fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants. Take a whale-watching tour, visit the Bar Harbor Whale Museum, or hop on a ferry to explore nearby islands.


      Maine's largest city boasts a vibrant arts scene, delicious seafood restaurants, and historic charm. Explore the cobblestone streets of the Old Port, browse art galleries and boutiques, and discover local breweries and distilleries. Visit the Portland Museum of Art, catch a performance at the State Theatre, or enjoy a waterfront cruise for stunning city views.

      Acadia National Park

      Located on Mount Desert Island, Acadia National Park is a jewel of the Maine coast. Explore diverse landscapes ranging from rugged mountains and windswept shores to peaceful lakes and deep forests. Hike Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the East Coast, for breathtaking panoramic views. Kayak through glacier-carved bays, bike along scenic carriage roads, or simply relax on sandy beaches.

      Portland Head Light

      Standing guard on Cape Elizabeth for over 200 years, Portland Head Light is Maine's oldest continuously operating lighthouse. Climb the stairs for breathtaking ocean views and learn about its history from informative exhibits. Explore the rocky coastline and tidal pools teeming with marine life and enjoy scenic walks along the adjacent trails.

      Marginal Way

      Stretching 1.5 miles along the rocky cliffs of Ogunquit, the Marginal Way is a scenic paved path offering stunning ocean vistas. Walk past beautiful homes and gardens, rocky coves, and sandy beaches. Stop by Perkins Cove, a picturesque fishing village with art galleries, shops, and lobster shacks. Breathe in the fresh sea air and soak up the tranquility of this coastal treasure.

      L.L.Bean Flagship Store

      More than just a store, L.L.Bean's flagship location in Freeport is a Maine institution. Immerse yourself in the outdoorsy atmosphere, browse through extensive gear and apparel for all activities, and marvel at the 3,500-gallon freshwater aquarium teeming with local fish. Take a free boot fitting clinic, participate in outdoor events, or grab a bite at one of the on-site restaurants.

      Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

      Located in Boothbay, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens boasts stunning displays of native and exotic plants. Wander through themed gardens like the Asian Garden, the Children's Garden, and the Arboretum, each offering unique features and captivating landscapes. Enjoy art installations, educational programs, and special events throughout the year.

      Sugarloaf Mountain Resort

      A haven for winter sports enthusiasts, Sugarloaf Mountain Resort offers world-class skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Enjoy groomed trails, breathtaking mountain views, and après-ski activities in the cozy village at the base.

      Machias Seal Island

      Paddle alongside adorable Atlantic Puffins on a kayaking tour around Machias Seal Island. Observe these comical birds nesting on the cliffs, listen to their unique vocalizations, and witness their playful dives while respecting their habitat. Remember, responsible wildlife viewing is crucial, so follow guidelines and maintain a safe distance.

      Pemaquid Beach

      Experience the thrill of harvesting your own seafood at Pemaquid Beach. During low tide, grab a bucket and shovel and join locals in digging for clams responsibly, following regulations, and respecting the environment. Enjoy the camaraderie, feel the sand between your toes, and savor the satisfaction of preparing your own fresh-caught dinner.

      Baxter State Park

      Hike, bike, or drive through Baxter State Park, home to the largest concentration of moose in the Northeast. Keep your eyes peeled while exploring scenic trails, listen for their distinctive vocalizations, and capture a glimpse of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Remember to observe them responsibly, maintaining a safe distance and avoiding disturbing their behavior.

      Maine Campground Owners Association (MECOA)

      The Maine Campground Owners Association (MECOA) is the premier resource for supporting campground owners and promoting camping in Maine. is the official website of the Maine Camping Guide, both are products of MECOA. MECOA represents over 190 of Maine’s licensed campgrounds.

      MECOA produces the Maine Camping Guide each year and have the for all camping public to research and find the right campground member for their needs. is commonly the first stop for camping enthusiasts before they make their summer camping plans. For its campground members, MECOA also provides business resources for many different services and products.

      Featured Maine Parks

      Book an RV in Maine

      Ditch the crowded hotels and embrace the freedom of the open road with an RV rental in Maine. Hike through Acadia National Park's lush forests, waking up to the whispers of pine needles against your window or savor fresh seafood at charming harbor towns, your kitchen just steps away! Book your RV today and craft your own unforgettable adventure Down East.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Maine's camping season generally runs from May to October, with peak season in July and August. For comfortable weather and fewer crowds, aim for May-June or September-October.

      This depends on your preferences! Acadia National Park offers stunning scenery and diverse camping options. For quieter getaways, try the western mountains, north woods, or coast. Check out state parks, private campgrounds, and unique options like glamping sites.

      Reservations are highly recommended, especially for state parks and during peak season. Many campgrounds fill up quickly. Book online or through individual park websites.

      From traditional tent camping to RV sites, cabins, and yurts, Maine offers various choices. Campgrounds cater to families, backpackers, and group camping.

      Pack warm layers, even in summer, as nights can get chilly. Rain gear, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a headlamp are essential. Don't forget a first-aid kit, snacks, and plenty of water.

      Most campgrounds allow campfires in designated fire rings. Check local regulations and fire bans before lighting up. Always bring firewood or purchase it on-site.

      Yes, black bears are present in Maine. Practice proper bear safety by securing food properly, storing trash in designated areas, and being aware of your surroundings.

      Absolutely! Maine is a fantastic destination for camping, offering diverse landscapes like mountains, forests, lakes, and stunning coastlines. With ample public and private campgrounds, various activities, and breathtaking natural beauty, Maine caters to various camping styles and preferences.

      While free camping opportunities exist, they come with limitations and responsibilities:

      • Public lands: Certain areas like the North Maine Woods offer dispersed camping with no facilities. Research regulations and permits beforehand.
      • Primitive campsites: Some state parks have primitive sites with minimal amenities (pit toilets, no showers) at lower costs.

      No, wild camping isn't legal everywhere in Maine. You can't camp on private property without permission, and public lands often have designated camping areas. Respecting posted signs and regulations is crucial to avoid trespassing or fines.

      Similar to legal camping, you can't simply pitch a tent anywhere. Stick to designated campsites within campgrounds, public lands with camping permits, or private property with landowner permission. Respecting regulations and Leave No Trace principles is essential to preserve Maine's environment.

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