GoCampingAmerica.com | Posted January
    2nd, 2016


    6 Simple Ways to “Green Up”
    Your Next Camping Trip


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    TreesThere may be
    no better time to put eco-friendly practices into place than when you go
    camping, because every effort you make can help preserve our nation’s
    beautiful campgrounds for many generations to come. Here are six simple ways
    to “green up” your next camping


    1. Ditch the
     As tempting it might be to rely on the
    convenience of paper plates and plastic utensils, it’s better to bring reusable
    items so nothing will go into the landfill. There are plenty of lightweight
    and easily packable options available.
    Go easy on the gadgets.
     Camping trips are a great
    time to go low-tech and minimize the use of batteries and other traditional
    power sources. Plan to take along devices such as solar-powered lanterns or
    phone chargers and radios powered by hand cranks or an air mattress pump
    operated with a foot pedal.
    3. Bring biodegradable products. Leave
    your everyday personal care products like shampoo, body wash, sunscreen,
    laundry detergent and toothpaste at home and bring biodegradable products
    instead — they will be kinder to the environment.
    4. Get fired up about campfire
     Be sure to observe all rules and regulations
    regarding campfire safety, including the proper use of fire rings and making
    sure that all fires are fully extinguished before retiring for the night.
    Also, “go local” when buying firewood to eliminate any possibility of
    transporting invasive species from one area of the country to
    5. Put used camping gear to good
     If you’re new to camping, look for used camping
    gear that’s still in good condition instead of buying new items. And if
    you’re a seasoned camper planning to get new equipment, donate, lend or sell
    your current gear to give it a new life with another camper who will surely
    appreciate it
    6. “Leave
    no trace.” 
    It’s been said time and time again,
    but it bears repeating. Carry out everything that you bring in to your
    campsite and resist the temptation to take home rocks, leaves, pine cones and
    other natural resources as souvenirs. As another very popular saying states,
    “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”