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    2nd, 2016


    Campfire Pizzas


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    Camping and
    RVing is all about reconnecting and having fun – and what’s more fun than a
    pizza party? Break up the monotony of camping meals and try a recipe that
    everyone can help with. Pizza is an easy and entertaining choice that’s ideal
    for outdoor adventures.

    Here are our tips for making your
    own campfire pizza:


    • If you’ve got a great
      pizza dough recipe, prep it ahead of time and freeze it before your trip. If
      not, no worries. Most major grocery store chains sell fresh dough in bags
      that can also be frozen.
    • Toss the dough into your cooler
      and in 1-2 days it should be thawed and ready to use. Take it out of the
      cooler about an hour before you plan on cooking to give it time to
    • Don’t forget to pack a small amount of flour too to
      use when forming the dough into

    The Sauce

    • Again, there are two options:
      cook your own sauce ahead of time and store in a plastic bag/Tupperware in
      your cooler – or just go with a can of ready to use

    The Cheese

    • Pre-shredded
      is the way to go. No work, no fuss, no


    • This step is all about
      prepping. Cook Italian sausage at home before your trip, chop green peppers
      or just grab a bag of sliced pepperoni.
    • Pack your prepped
      toppings in plastic bags in your cooler. The more toppings you have, the more
      creative you can get with the final product.

    the Pizza

    • The key here is making
      sure your cooking surface is nice and hot before you put the dough on. You
      can use either a traditional grill, or a grate that you position about 8
      inches over the campfire.
    • While your surface is heating
      up, it’s time for the fun part. Take your thawed dough and form into one
      large flat round – OR split into thirds for individual pies. Use flour as
      needed to prevent the dough from sticking to
    • Pour a bit of vegetable oil on a paper
      town and use that to lightly coat the grill surface with oil so the dough
      does not stick.
    • Place the formed dough on the hot grill
      for about 2-3 minutes, then flip.  Cook another 2-3 minutes, then
      flip again. At this point, the dough should be firm but not browned
    • It’s time to add your toppings! That’s right, while
      the pizza is still on the grill*, add sauce, toppings and cheese. Continue
      cooking for about 5-7 minutes, until the bottom of the pizza is browned and
      the cheese on top is melted.

    *If you’re cooking
    with kids, you can remove the dough from the grill, let them top their own
    pies, then return to the

    That’s it! Just a little bit
    of prep work and only a few minutes of cooking time and you’ve got campfire
    grilled pizzas hot and ready to eat for your next camping or RVing