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    There are
    serious bike races and then there are quirky ones where the organizers
    display a serious amount of creativity and imagination to make their events
    fun for everyone. Here are six crazy races you can enjoy, whether you decide
    to register as a participant or just want to join in on the fun as a casual


    Underwater Bike Race

    Underwater Bike Race

    July 4, 2017

    Beaufort, North Carolina

    Yes, you read that right. For this event, which is sponsored by
    Discovery Diving, entrants decorate their bikes, board the Outrageous V (or
    use their own boat) and head to the shipwreck site of the USS Indra. Then
    they don their scuba gear to get ready for the underwater race. Contestants
    may “swim, pedal, push or drag,” but only human power is allowed and only one
    biker is permitted per bike. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Mile of Hope
    in support of cancer research and prizes are given for the best dressed bike
    and rider.

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    Marymoor Crawl

    July 21-22, 2017

    Redmond, Washington

    This fun event, which is part of the Marymoor Grand Prix held at
    the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome, isn’t exactly a “race.” The riders have
    to go as slow as they possibly can without putting a foot down, grabbing the
    rail, riding off the track or falling, all of which will get them eliminated.
    Watching these expert racers do the opposite of what they’re used to doing is
    a great spectator sport, made all the better by the local food trucks and an
    adult beverage garden.

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    Balloon Race

    August 2, 2017

    Warren County, New Jersey

    This annual fundraiser for the Fred Grotenhuis Memorial
    Scholarships pairs each biker with a hot air balloon pilot at the Warren
    County Farmer’s Fair. The biker then climbs into the balloon’s basket and
    their bike is strapped to the side. Once they take off from the fairgrounds,
    the pilot has to fly past a boundary line designated on a map. Then the pilot
    lands the balloon, drops the biker off, and the biker has to race back to the
    fairgrounds from that point.

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    Tour de

    September 16, 2017

    Troy, OH

    There’s nothing like having a valid reason to eat all the donuts
    you want. For this timed event, riders visit donut stops and eat donuts.
    Here’s the best part:  For each donut the rider eats (and keeps down),
    five minutes is deducted from their ride time. Prizes are awarded in several
    categories, but the main prize is the coveted golden Tour de Donut
    championship belt which is awarded for the best “donut time.” And just so
    riders don’t miss any donut-eating opportunities by getting lost, the course
    is marked with large, donut-shaped markings – some even have

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    Man vs. Machine

    Man vs.

    September 30, 2017

    Grand Canyon to Williams, Arizona

    This race starts at the Grand Hotel in Tusayan near the south rim
    of the Grand Canyon and travels 53 miles south to the finish line in
    Williams, Arizona on Historic Route 66. Here’s where the “man vs. machine”
    part comes in. Along the way, entrants will race against a 1923 300-ton steam
    engine traveling down the tracks of the Grand Canyon Railway which run
    parallel to the race course. Prizes are awarded to the top three finishers in
    both the men’s and women’s categories.

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    Zombie Bike Ride

    Zombie Bike

    October 22, 2017

    Key West, Florida

    Leave it to a fun-loving place like Key West to host a zombie bike
    ride. The event takes place at sunset and attracts thousands of bikers who
    ride down US1 led by a police escort. But first things first. Zombie Land,
    which is located at the historic (and haunted) Fort East Martello, opens at 2
    pm with live music, entertainment and vendors, including body and face
    painters who are ready, willing and able to turn bike riders into zombies.
    After the bike ride, the party continues with Zombie Fest on Key West’s
    legendary Duval Street with plenty of music and dancing in the

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