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    What could be
    more refreshing on a summer day than enjoying the gorgeous views and soothing
    sounds of a waterfall? You can find many of these beautiful natural wonders
    throughout the country, so why not add one to the itinerary for your next
    camping trip? Here are a few to consider:



    Sublimity, Oregon

    Silver Falls

    It has been called the “crown jewel” of the Oregon State Parks
    system, and one reason is that it’s part of the Trail of Ten Falls, a
    nationally-recognized hiking trail that passes a series of waterfalls as it
    descends to a winding creek at the forest floor. It’s a moderate, seven-mile
    loop hike and offers a unique opportunity to walk behind
    a waterfall at the 177-foot South Falls. The park is also on the path of the
    highly-anticipated total solar eclipse on the nights of Aug.

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    Located 30 minutes from Portland on the magnificent Columbia River
    Gorge, Multnomah Falls delivers the awe-inspiring sight of a 600-foot cascade
    of icy water. It is the most visited natural recreation site in the Pacific
    Northwest. A five-minute trail leads to the base of the falls from the
    parking area off of I-84, or, for a closer (and more exhilarating) view, take
    the steep paved trail up to Benson Bridge. The bridge is named after Simon
    Benson, a prominent Portland businessman who owned the site in the early
    1900s before donating the falls to the City of Portland, which later
    transferred ownership to the forest service.

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    Burgess Falls

    Sparta, Tennessee

    Burgess Falls State Park, which is located on the Falling Water
    River, features four waterfalls, the last of which is considered to be the
    most spectacular because it plunges more than 130 feet into the gorge. The
    1.5-mile round-trip River Trail/Service Road Loop is a moderately strenuous
    hike that leads past the waterfalls and into the gorge. Please note that the
    overlook area for the main falls is accessible, but the stairs down to the
    main falls have been closed until further notice.

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    Chattanooga, TN

    This waterfall is located in a totally unexpected place –
    underground! Located 1,120 feet below the surface of Lookout Mountain, Ruby
    Falls was discovered by a team of excavators in 1928 and was opened to the
    public in 1930. Now, thousands of visitors come to see the 145-foot Ruby
    Falls each year. Additional attractions include the Lookout Mountain Tower
    that offers panoramic views of the Tennessee River Gorge and downtown
    Chattanooga, a choice of cave tours, and the Zipstream Aerial Adventure that
    features suspended obstacle courses built in the trees that include ladders,
    nets, walkways, bridges, tunnels and zip lines. The attraction also offers a
    40-foot climbing tower and a zipline experience without the ropes

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    Postcard Falls

    Postcard Falls

    Brighton, New York

    What’s not to love about a waterfall that carries the name
    Postcard Falls? It’s located at Corbett’s Glen Nature Park along a three-mile
    loop trail that that measures a spacious eight feet wide. The park also
    includes a boardwalk, a deck viewing area and a seating area that overlooks
    the falls.

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