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    Top 12 Unusual Destinations to Visit
    in the Great Lakes


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    The Great
    Lakes region of the United States may very well be the best area of the
    country to visit during the summer months. The six states that comprise the
    Great Lakes offer something unique to visitors, from dense forests, to
    pristine lakes off the beaten path. Whether you are camping in a tent or an
    RV, you will find a large number of quality campgrounds to choose from. Take
    your time to soak in the beauty of this incredible region, and make sure to
    check out these top 12 unusual destinations along the way.


    1.) Wells Top Secret:
    Upside-Down White House
    – The Wisconsin Dells, a
    mile-long stretch of unique motels and odd tourist traps, attracts millions
    of visitors every year to spend time in one of America’s most over the top
    destinations. There is truly something for everyone in Central Wisconsin, but
    the most interesting and mysterious attraction is without a doubt the Top Secret
    Upside-Down White House.

    This odd attraction is a true
    mystery, even to those that have taken the tour. The guides walk visitors
    through the inverted rooms, explaining their significance and history. There
    is an oval office filled with robotic presidents, a storage room filled with
    watergate documents, and even a rotating “decontamination” room.
    It’s said that the tour guides are encouraged to improvise on the spot, so
    take their information with a grain of salt.

    Dairy Shrine Visitors Center
    – Wisconsin has a long
    and treasured history as one of the premier states for dairy production.
    Everything from cheese to yogurt is cultivated in abundance here, and that’s
    something Wisconsin is proud of.

    The best place to learn
    about the history of Wisconsin’s favorite food group is at the National Dairy
    Shrine Visitor’s Center in Fort Atkinson, southern Wisconsin. Granted, a trip
    to a dairy museum may not sound like the most exciting place to visit, but
    there is a great deal of interesting information

    Visitors can learn about the history of ice cream,
    how butter used to be churned, and the many different ways that humans have
    developed acquiring dairy products over the years.

    Wisconsin Dells(Upside-Down White House, My Lil’


    3.) The Henry
    Ford Museum
    – One of the largest history museums in
    the country, the Henry Ford Museum has transformed from a drab collection of
    unorganized automobiles to a popular attraction worth visiting by anyone in
    the state of Michigan. The museum is filled with many of Fords original car
    concepts including the Ford X-11 50th anniversary automobile. There are also
    a number of historical artifacts on display, most notably the car that
    President JFK was killed in, and the chair that President Lincoln sat in when
    he was shot. The museum is a great place to learn more about the history of
    America’s original car pioneer and the incredible progress that has been made
    in the automobile industry.

    4.) Frederik Meijer Gardens and
    Sculpture Park
    – The Frederik Meijer Gardens were
    recently ranked in the top 100 most visited art museums in the world, and
    it’s no surprise why. The park is a massive 158 acres, filled with incredible
    sculptures from as early as the mid 1800’s to present day. Some of the
    notable artists with their work on display include Rodin and Degas. The
    gardens are divided into a number of separate exhibitions. Some of the most
    popular include a beautiful 8 acre Japanese garden and a stunning butterfly
    exhibit. The summer is a great time to visit this park, so head to Grand
    Rapids in western Michigan and find out for yourself what makes this place so

  at the Children's Garden(Mrederik Meijer Gardens, Rachel


    5.) Ahlgrim Family
    Miniature Golf Course
    – Miniature golf courses are
    known to have some unique settings, but perhaps the most unusual is found in
    Palatine, northeastern Illinois. Construction of the course began in 1964,
    when Mr. Roger Ahlgrim noticed he had a vacant room in the basement of his
    newly bought funeral home. Ahlgrim loved miniature golf, and began creating a
    course in the room for his family and staff to play in during breaks. Over
    the years the construction expanded, and is now a full 9-hole miniature golf
    course. In addition to the golf course, the room also contains a number of
    arcade games and a full shuffle board.

    Museum & Store #1
    – Fast food and McDonalds
    are synonymous with each other. Since the first store was created in 1940,
    the company has expanded to 119 countries with over 35,000 outlets serving
    over 68 million customers daily. In 1955, Ray Croc opened the first McDonalds
    as an affiliate in Des Plaines, eastern Illinois. Croc had aspirations to
    turn the struggling restaurant into a global food chain, and in only three
    years, McDonalds had sold over 100 million hamburgers.

    original restaurant modernized with the times until Crocs death in 1984 when
    it was torn down and converted to its original form. The original McDonalds
    is now a museum, with display exhibits including the original workers
    uniforms, fry vats, and grills. It is filled with old memorabilia that sheds
    light on how the company has expanded into the global icon it is today. Of
    course it no longer sells food, but a new McDonalds is available right across
    the street.

    Deer Grove
  Palatine Ill(Forest in Palatine, Illinois, John


    RV Museum Hall of
    – RV’s are one of the most enjoyable ways to
    travel. For over a century, Americans have used RV’s to get around, camp in,
    and even live in. The RV Museum Hall of Fame in Elkhart, northern Indiana, is
    one of the most interesting places to see the history of RV’s and their role
    in American transportation. Visitors are given the opportunity to go inside
    many of the old RV’s, an experience that some describe as hopping into a time
    machine. This museum is a fascinating place to visit and is well worth
    checking out during a trip through

    8.) USS
    LST Memorial
    – The USS LST (Landing Ship, Tank) 325
    has a long and fascinating history. It saw use during World War 2, arctic
    operations in the 1950’s, and was part of the Greek Navy for a period of

    In 2001, the ship was restored and presented to the
    public in Evansville, southern Indiana, where it stays docked for 11 months
    of the year. Tours are given by the crew, and take visitors through the main
    deck, troop berthing, tank deck, mess deck, and more. The tours are
    approximately 60 minutes long, and explain the history and function of this
    incredible ship.

    D-Day vessel navigates through Cheatham Lock(USS LST 325, U.S. Army
    Corps of Engineers Nashville District


    9.) National Museum of the
    U.S. Air Force
    – The National Museum of the U.S. Air
    Force in Wright Paterson, southwest Ohio, has been labeled as “the
    largest free attraction in the state of Ohio.” The museum is a massive
    complex of over 100 types of aircrafts used by the United States Air Force.
    The exhibits have been divided into different eras of flight, beginning with
    the early days of air combat and ending at the modern

    There are a number of historical planes to see,
    including the World War 2 B-24 “lady be good,” and the B-29
    “Bockscar,” the aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.
    Visiting this free museum is an eye-opening experience, allowing guests to
    see some of the most historical airplanes in history, as well as the
    advancements that have been made in the United States Air Force.

    – One of Ohio’s oldest tourist attractions
    lies 100 feet underneath the ground. The Ohio Caverns were formed thousands
    of years ago by an underground river. Crystal stalagmites and stalactites
    began to form, and are now spread throughout the cave. These caverns are
    especially unique due to the incredible diversity of colors that make up the

    Many people describe the experience of walking
    through these caves as surreal, and almost other-worldly. The Ohio Caverns
    are found in West Liberty, central Ohio and are open year round, offering
    daily tours that take about an hour to complete.

    National Museum of the United States Air
  Force 2013(Inside the National Museum of the U.S.
    Air Force, marada)


    11.) Lark
    – A toy store may not seem like the most
    exciting place to visit, but the LARK toy store in Kellogg, southeastern
    Minnesota, is anything ordinary. LARK Toys was founded in 1983 by Sarah and
    Donn Kreofsky. Their business rapidly began to grow, and soon they were
    selling toys to over 2,500 stores nationwide.

    Kreofsky’s decided to attract visitors to their production store by building
    a carousel and a miniature golf course. The plan worked, and LARK Toys was
    named the #1 place to visit in Kellogg.

    Visitors here enjoy
    exploring the numerous toy exhibits, many of which are over 30 years old. It
    is a great place to bring the family and relax.

    Challenge Course
    – Anyone looking for a fun and
    challenging adventure should head to Park Rapids in central Minnesota to take
    part in one of the most elaborate obstacle courses in the

    A team of specialists created the massive course
    with all age groups and fitness levels in mind, so anyone capable of climbing
    a ladder should be able to complete it. There are a number of obstacles to
    complete, including a tree ladder climb, cable bridge, and a 370 foot
    zip-line. Safety is the number one concern here, and everyone is fitted with
    a wire harness to ensure you are never in danger.

    If you
    enjoy thrills and want to try something new, head to the Character Challenge
    Course and make a memory that will last forever.

    Source of the
  Missisippi(Lake Itasca, Minnesota, Randen