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3rd, 2016


Looking for Somewhere Special to Stay?
Try Tree Houses.


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The Treehouse CampSo you don’t
have a tent or RV? Or maybe you’re just interested in trying out something
new. You’re in luck! Tree houses offer you the convenience of rental
accommodations and an element of adventure!

“They are
popular, especially for those people who don’t have any camping gear,” said
George Reagan, who owns and operates Frontier
in Ocean View, N.J. He says his
campground was the first on the Jersey Shore to offer furnished tree houses,
which come equipped with comfortable beds, a full kitchen and half bathroom.
“Our tree house guests can cook up scrambled eggs. Fix dinner. We have a
covered deck outside. They can sit out there even if it’s raining or snooze
or do whatever they want to do,” Reagan said.

While tree
houses are popular with children, they have a special appeal for adults, too.
“It’s funny to see how people react to them,” Reagan said. “Some of them
still have this childhood dream of sleeping in a tree

you haven’t had a chance to sleep in a tree house yet, you’re in luck.
Several campgrounds across the U.S. have them, including the
Co/Toledo North
Lakes KOA – Prizer Point
 and Mount
Olympus ‘Zeus’ Village and Camp Resort
in the
Wisconsin Dells.

Some campgrounds even have tree houses
available for rent in winter, including The Treehouse Camp at
Maple Tree
 in Rohrersville, Maryland. The tree house cottages
come equipped with mattresses, wood burning stoves as well as tables and
chairs, Soroko said, adding that the wood burning stoves can be used for
cooking as well as heating during the winter months. “It’s a cozy rustic
retreat,” she said with a smile, adding that the campground also has 12
secluded tent sites.

in Narvon, Pennsylvania, families
and other big groups often rent the park’s tree house as overflow space for
guests who don’t have their own RV or for people in their group who simply
want the experience of camping in a tree house, said Jerome Bakker, the
park’s owner. Lake-in-Wood also has other unique rental accommodations,
including a double decker bus; a covered wagon; a teepee; a yurt; a caboose;
and a Gnome home, a Gnome-themed park model cottage, each of which are
located near clusters of RV sites so that people who travel in groups. Bakker
said people who rent the tree house or other unique accommodations often come
back the next year and rent something else.

Ready for your next unqiue escape?
Just find your ideal
and hit the