Camping in Delaware

      The only guide you’ll need for camping in Delaware.

      Your Guide to Camping in Delaware

      Delaware might be small but don’t underestimate its camping charm. Hit the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park, where campsites blend with dunes and historic WWII towers. Or pitch your tent by the freshwater shores of Killens Pond, where a splash park keeps things cool. Craving some peace and quiet? Lums Pond offers campsites nestled beneath towering pines, perfect for unwinding by the crackling fire.

      The bottom line? Ditch the crowds and discover Delaware’s hidden gems. Remember, whether you’re a seasoned camper or a curious newbie, Delaware’s campgrounds offer something for everyone.

      Best Places To Camp In Delaware

      Delaware Seashore State Parks

      This string of parks encompassing Cape Henlopen, Fenwick Island, and Delaware Seashore State Park offers a beach camping haven. Pitch your tent or rent a cabin steps away from the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying swimming, fishing, surfing, and sunbathing.

      Delaware Seashore State Parks

      Indian River Inlet

      Cocooned between the Atlantic Ocean and Indian River Bay, this area features The Cottages at Indian River Marina. These luxurious cottages offer stunning ocean views, private decks, and easy access to kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing.

      Bethany Beach

      This bustling beach town offers campgrounds like Bethany Beach Ocean Suites and Bethany Beach Camping Resort, catering to both RV and tent campers. Enjoy the town’s vibrant atmosphere, restaurants, shops, and, of course, the beautiful beach.

      Bethany Beach Delaware

      Trap Pond State Park

      Nestled in the heart of the Delmarva Peninsula, this park offers diverse landscapes from freshwater ponds and forests to rolling hills. Camp at Trap Pond Campground, hike its scenic trails or go canoeing on the tranquil waters.

      Trap Pond State Park Delaware

      Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

      This stunning area straddling the Delaware River border with Pennsylvania provides breathtaking scenery and various camping options. Hike to cascading waterfalls, explore historic sites, or simply relax amidst the natural beauty.

      Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

      Delaware River Bay

      Campgrounds like Broadkill Beach Camping Resort offer excellent options for families. Enjoy swimming, fishing, crabbing, kayaking, and exploring the charming towns along the bay.

      Delaware River Bay

      Things To Do In Delaware

      Rehoboth Beach and Boardwalk

      Immerse yourself in the classic beach town atmosphere. Rehoboth Beach boasts expansive golden sands, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and building sandcastles. Stroll along the vibrant boardwalk, lined with shops, arcades, and delectable eateries, offering endless amusement and indulgence.

      Cape Henlopen State Park

      Embrace the raw beauty of the Atlantic coast. Explore diverse landscapes within the park, from windswept dunes and pristine beaches to lush maritime forests and tidal marshes. Hike scenic trails, kayak through serene waterways, or simply relax on the shores, soaking in the ocean's calming embrace.

      Nemours Estate

      This opulent mansion, built by Alfred I. du Pont, showcases exquisite architecture, lavish interiors, and breathtaking gardens. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Gilded Age and uncover the fascinating stories of its inhabitants.

      Fort Delaware State Park

      A well-preserved Civil War prison, located on Pea Patch Island, this tourist site offers guided tours, exhibits, and immersive programs that bring history to life. Explore the fort's fortifications, learn about the lives of prisoners and soldiers, and gain a deeper understanding of this significant period in American history.

      Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

      A vast refuge, encompassing tidal marshes, grasslands, and forests, this park provides sanctuary to diverse bird species, including migratory waterfowl, bald eagles, and shorebirds. Hike serene trails, kayak through tranquil waterways, and immerse yourself in the vibrant ecological tapestry.

      Brandywine Creek State Park

      You can also enjoy the picturesque Brandywine Valley. This sprawling park features scenic hiking and biking trails, cascading waterfalls, and historic mills. Explore the idyllic scenery, discover hidden gems like Brandywine Zoo, or simply relax by the tranquil waters of Brandywine Creek.

      Wilmington Riverfront

      This revitalized waterfront district boasts numerous art galleries, museums, and performance venues. Explore the Delaware Art Museum, home to an impressive collection spanning various periods and styles. Catch a live performance at the historic Grand Opera House, or simply stroll along the scenic Riverwalk and soak in the artistic atmosphere.

      Rehoboth Beach Art League

      Discover a hub for artistic expression. This non-profit organization offers year-round exhibitions, workshops, and classes in various mediums like painting, ceramics, and photography. Immerse yourself in the creative energy, learn a new skill, or simply admire the works of local and regional artists.

      Lewes and Rehoboth Beach Culinary Scene

      From fresh seafood caught daily to farm-to-table delights and international flavors, this region offers something for every palate. Indulge in delectable oysters at Half Moon Saloon, experience award-winning cuisine at Fork & Barrel, or explore the vibrant farmers' markets bursting with local produce.

      Wilmington & Brandywine Valley Wine Trail

      A scenic trail that connects several wineries nestled in the rolling hills of Brandywine Valley, sample award-winning wines, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy breathtaking countryside views. Pair your wine tastings with delectable local cheeses and charcuterie to complete the experience.

      Delaware's Craft Brewery Scene

      As a state that boasts a flourishing craft beer scene, uncork local libations at numerous breweries offering unique brews made with locally sourced ingredients. Explore the Dogfish Head Brewery, known for its innovative and experimental beers, or sample the diverse offerings at Big Oyster Brewery and Mispillion River Brewing.

      Fenwick Island State Park

      Discover a birdwatcher's paradise. This coastal park provides sanctuary to diverse bird species, making it a haven for ornithology enthusiasts. Explore the tidal marshes, hike scenic trails, and observe the vibrant birdlife during their seasonal migrations.

      Featured Delaware Parks

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      Book an RV in Delaware

      Escape to Delaware and explore its hidden gems at your own pace with the freedom and comfort of an RV rental. From historic towns like Lewes to the natural beauty of Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware awaits your personalized adventure. Don't miss out - book your RV today and craft unforgettable memories in the Mid-Atlantic's hidden gem!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Delaware offers various options, from oceanfront campsites to serene forests. Popular choices include:

      • Beach camping: Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware Seashore State Park
      • Lake camping: Trap Pond State Park, Lums Pond State Park
      • Family-friendly camping: Killens Pond State Park, Deep Branch Family Campground

      Reservations are highly recommended, especially during peak season (May-September). State parks offer online reservations, while private campgrounds might have different booking methods.

      No, you cannot camp directly on the sand on Delaware beaches. This is illegal and harmful to the delicate ecosystem. However, you can camp overnight at several campgrounds located near the beaches, offering easy access to the ocean. Popular options include Delaware Seashore State Park and Cape Henlopen State Park.

      Delaware State Parks do not offer free camping in any season. However, during the off-season (generally November-March), the camping rates are significantly lower than peak season. For example, some campsites at Delaware Seashore State Park drop from $56 to $23 per night.

      There are limited options for camping directly along the Delaware River. Most designated campsites are located inland from the river, though some offer river views or access points. Two options to consider are Lums Pond State Park and Milford Landing State Park.

      Campfires are permitted at designated fire rings within your campsite at Delaware Seashore State Park. You'll need to purchase a fire permit and adhere to park regulations, including restrictions on firewood type and burning hours. Always prioritize fire safety and be mindful of others.

      Amenities vary by campground but commonly include restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, playgrounds, and dump stations. Some offer additional perks like swimming pools, fishing, or boat rentals.

      Yes, there are regulations around campfires, pets, noise levels, and generator usage. Always check the specific rules of your chosen campground.

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