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    Craft Beer and Camping: From Portland,
    OR to Portland, ME


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    Over the past
    decade, the craft beer industry has seen an explosion of growth, allowing
    enthusiasts to try local brews from Portland, Ore., all the way to Portland,
    Maine. Check out some of our favorite craft breweries around the country and
    find campgrounds nearby for your next adventure.


    What to



    Foundation Brewery founders Joel Mahaffey and John
    Bonney met a few years back at a home brewing club in Bangor. Their
    friendship, talent and passion have taken them out of the home kitchen and
    into a sparkling new brewery that opened in 2014.

    brewmasters have chosen to craft their beers in the saison style, which
    originated from the Belgian area of Wallonia. Saison beers were brewed in the
    winter to slake the thirst of the farm workers in the summer. Foundation’s
    two lead beers are “Blaze,” which is a farmhouse IPA and the more traditional
    saison “Eddy,” which is a little drier.

    Allagash BrewingAllagash
    Brewing Co.


    In 1995 Rod Tod founded Allagash, taking his
    inspiration from Belgian brewers. Over the years, Allagash has developed six
    year-round beers that all have unique seasoning and drinking characteristics.
    Additionally, when you stop by the brewery you’ll invariably get a chance to
    try some limited run and seasonal beers.

    Rod has taken a
    very principled stance in business responsibility by running the brewery with
    100 percent renewable wind energy and developing a composting


    to drink:


    Algoma, Wis.

    don’t let the word winery throw you off track. Though von Stiehl is the
    oldest licensed winery in Wisconsin, it’s also the brewers and purveyors of
    some fine full-flavored craft beers that harken back to old regional lagers
    dating to the Civil War at the Algoma Tap Room, which is just two doors down
    from the winery

    Undecided? At von Stiehl’s you’ll also find
    traditional wines like a highly regarded Cabernet Savignon and best-selling
    Reisling. Still want more choice? Then make sure you sample some of their
    specialty products like the brandy fortified cherry

    Falls, Wis.

    Heritage counts in perfecting a great brew, and
    the founder of this brewery, Jacob Leinenkugel, started the business in 1867.
    Today, the fifth generation of Leinenkugels carry that great tradition
    forward. To hoist a foam topped glass to your lips is to sip from a long
    tradition of German brewers who, for decades, made Wisconsin the epicenter of
    American beer. Tours are free, and the sampling generous. Dining is also fun
    at the adjacent restaurant, Leinie’s.


    to drink:

    Gunnison, COGunnison


    On the western slope of Colorado the town of Gunnison
    is in the heart of Rocky Mountain hiking, fly fishing, hunting and boating
    activities, and the Gunnison Brewery is a great place to enjoy a pint after a
    full day of Colorado sunshine. Open year-round, this modestly sized craft
    brewery cranks up the volume especially during summer with several unique
    batches brewed each week. Names like “Mountain Mild,” “Gunrack Golden,” and
    “River Day Pale Ale,” pay tribute to the great outdoor adventures you’ll find
    all along the Gunnison river and its tributaries.


    Denver’s known for its 300 days a year of
    sunshine and, from Denver to Fort Collins, the area has one of the nation’s
    largest collection of breweries from the biggest names in beer: Coors in
    Golden, Anheuser Busch in Fort Collins and dozens of smaller breweries. In
    downtown Denver you can rent a B-Cycle bicycle and ride between several craft
    breweries within a one mile radius. This is one heck of an adventurous and
    fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. Many of these breweries don’t serve
    food, but not to worry — great food trucks are always parked out in

    -Prost Brewing

    Strange Craft
    Beer Company

    Wynkoop Brewing

    Denver Beer



    to drink:

    The Alpine Beer

    Alpine, Calif.

    2002, firefighter Pat Mcilhenney opened The Alpine Beer Company. As demand
    for boutique beers has rapidly grown, so has Alpine Beer. In 2009, Pat
    retired as a chief and, along with his wife and son, devotes his time to
    pursuing beer perfection.

    Some the names alone will give
    you a sense of why many Southern Californians find it an easy trip to drive
    up to the cooler mountain climate of Alpine and quench their thirst with
    beers named: Willy Vanilly, Apricot Nectar, Captain Stout and Pure

    Sierra Nevada Brewing

    Chico, Calif.

    If the
    name sounds familiar to you, it should. Started in 1980 by home brewers Ken
    Grossman and Paul Camusi, Sierra Nevada is the second best-selling craft beer
    in the United States and the seventh largest brewery. Yet despite its lofty
    position in the beer hierarchy, a visit to its tap room still reflects its
    small town roots.

    Of course, its well-known Pale Ale with
    its unique piney and grapefruit aromas is a great place to start. However,
    this is also a great opportunity to sample some of the other tasty, but
    lesser known brews such as the Torpedo Extra IPA, Old Chico Brand Crystal
    Wheat and Belgian-Style Blonde IPA.


    to drink:

    Ninkasi Brewing


    Ninkasi is the Sumerian goddess of fermentation, which
    co-owners Nikos Ridge and Jamie Floyd think is a pretty perfect name for
    their boutique 55-barrel brewing system that has a capacity of 95,000 barrels
    per year.

    The brewery is located in Eugene’s historic
    Whiteaker neighborhood. And it’s well worth coming for the free tour of the
    entire process, topped off by one of he Ninkasi family of brands: Flagship,
    Seasonal Release, Special Release, Prismatic Lager, Single Hop, and
    R&D Series.

    there you have it — a good start and a little inspiration to see America
    through the bottom of an empty, frosty glass beer mug. Enjoy the ride, the
    sights and fun, and above all, drink responsibly.